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Bernese Mountain Dog Dog For Sale

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, trichromatic, long-legged dog. Firm and harmonious, intelligent, sturdy, and flexible enough in mountainous areas to perform tasks such as dragging or driving herds, which is the origin of this breed. The male dog is majestic and the female is gentle. Originating in Europe, it has historically been the best helper for shepherds. Over time, it has become a popular pet dog. In the early days in The Bern area of Switzerland is the goods, cheese manufacturing, weaving shop cart, and gradually developed varieties.
The coat is long and short. The upper coat is thick and medium in texture. The undercoat is short and soft, and the color is black, white, and brown. Ears of moderate size, the tail of medium length, pendulous, upturned when excited. The dog is confident, alert, and kind, not neurotic or shy. When facing strangers, Bern mountain dogs stand firmly in place and remain aloof. Very intelligent, with good endurance, not aggressive, loyal, and easy to tame, is also a good family dog.

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