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Bearded Collie Dog For Sale

The bearded collie looks exactly the same as the old English collie but is slightly thinner and slightly lighter. He is agile by nature, and his body supported by strong limbs is covered with medium-length fluffy hair. The outer layer of hair is relatively rough, naturally hanging on both sides, the inner layer of hair is soft and dense. The long beards on the cheeks, jaw, and lower lip are typical signs of this breed. The skull is flat and wide, and the eyes are gentle and expressive. The eyes and ears of a good size are mostly covered by hair, the back is straight, and the tail is always lower than the back. The color of the nose may be light or thick but always consistent with the color of the coat.
The bearded collie is of medium size. The coat is of medium length and conforms to the natural flow direction of the body, with sparse hair on the lower part of the body. The body is slender, strong and not bulky. The alert and curious expression is the characteristic of this breed, and it shows a natural posture when displayed.

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