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Ausky Dog For Sale

Auskies are the super active and playful breeds with the capability of acting as herding animals. They inherited balanced qualities from their parent breeds - the Siberian Huskies and Australian Cattle Dogs. Colorful as they are, Auskies are very similar in appearance to Huskies. They have very dramatic behavior and are intelligent animals to come across. You can easily socialize with these magnificent canines.

Much of the dramatic, funny, and active temperament is from their Siberian parents. They are mid-sized dog breeds, who can do much more when trained as little pups. Head tilt and howling are the most wonderful things to watch while these furry animals grow from puppyhood to adulthood.

They almost never get tired of jumping or running around. Both of the parent breeds having an active and dominant nature, Auskies are very protective of their owners. Get an Ausky if you need the best fun-loving apartment dogs. You sure can’t get enough of their little mischievous perks.