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Anatolian Shepherd Dog Dog For Sale

Anatolian sheepdogs come from Turkey. He lived in Turkey from the Babylonian period (2800-1800 BC) to the present day. The dog is tall, stout, well-boned, and powerfully built. Its liveliness, quick movement, and long endurance are all impressive.
This breed was bred for a very practical purpose. It is a very good guard dog and good at protecting livestock. No other breed can match it. The dog is generally calm, courageous, calm, and steady, and only displays a violent side when provoked. It was bony, muscular, and had a strong head. It's allowed to protect its territory. The Anatolian sheepdog is very gentle and friendly to children. It is an excellent family guard dog. It is alert, intelligent, and cautious. They were born protective, with a strong sense of territorial protection. Brave, adaptable, fiercely loyal to its master, and distrustful of strangers, it does not attack as long as strangers do not enter its territory. Sometimes more stubborn, need an experienced, gentle master to tame more appropriate.

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