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American Bulldog Dog For Sale

The American Bulldog is the selective breeding of the original bulldog or the original English bull terrier. Immigrants from Great Britain, Spain, and northern Europe brought their best bulldogs or bull terriers to accompany them as they sailed into a new world, and these dogs proved to be of considerable value in many ways. They become extremely popular and protected when enemies invade their territory from time to time, and when farmers immediately graze their cattle, sheep, and pigs without fences. Of course, the dogs needed to be better at their jobs so the farmers began to improve their prized bulldogs. They have been bred to be stronger, more flexible, braver and larger for fighting cows and, in some cases, other animals. Bred dogs can easily hold on to cows or pigs until their owners come to tie them up or slaughter them, and their ability to do the same makes them the most powerful tools for hunting wild animals. The American Bulldog is a part of the United States, and they have played a very important role in American history.