Complete Guide: 10 Best Wet Dog Food Reviews in 2019

Complete Guide: 10 Best Wet Dog Food Reviews in 2019

Dogs are adorable, loyal, and as expected always friendly. If you own a dog, you may have seen that feeding them wet food is better than the normal puddle they eat. Wet food is also referred to as canned food. The reason many dog owners feed their dogs wet or canned food is that it offers more nutrients than the dry feeds.

Apart from that, wet food can also help you keep the dog hydrated in a place with less water or more sunlight. This is because of its higher moisture content. No doubt you will find this best wet dog food review very timely.

Wet food is kept in an airtight can, hence you can expect them to contain fewer preservatives. They are known to contain fewer carbohydrates and more protein- and that is exactly what any dog needs. Just as many dog owners have already added wet food to their dog’s meal, you too must be thinking “this is what my dog needs”. Well, you are right.

So, the question is: which is the right brand? Which one is best for my dog(s)? To help you with that, here is a detailed analysis of the best wet dog food in the market. You will also find out why each brand is recommended.

Our Top Pick

Hills Science Diet

Best senior wet dog foodKey Features

  • It’s made of highly digestible ingredients
  • Contains 23 essential Minerals
  • Provides support for internal organs

A Glance

You may wonder why this is the top of our recommendations.  It is not just about the nutrients or its beautiful can. Your dog will likely not enjoy it if it tastes bad. But not this wet dog food; with its rich and exceptional taste, your dog will consume it with pleasure.

It comes in 12 cans and has other nutrients like protein and soluble fat. These are other nutrients that are sure to keep your canine companion healthy. Its different flavors of  Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Salmon, and Ocean Whitefish is just what you need to keep that favorite pet physical strong and agile. Surely, you are making the best decision when you purchase this wet.

Top 10 best Wet Dog Food with Reviews

1. Nulo 52ST06 – Best wet dog food for small breeds

Best wet dog food for small breedsThis wet food is specially made for small breeds because of its high protein and low carbohydrate contents- just what your dog needs. The first two ingredients are turkey and lentil which is sure to supply other nutrients that should keep your dog healthy. There is no corn, wheat, soy, or other preservatives, which will eliminate the fear of allergies. For these reasons, it is highly recommended for smaller breeds of dogs.

The recipes are made from the finest natural ingredients and some high quality antioxidant-rich healthy life boost. Real meat is the first ingredient and also contains no other poultry by-products. It is balanced with the right concentration of nutrients.

It is enhanced by other vitamins and minerals which your dog needs.This dog food is all-natural and does not contain any artificial flavor. It is ideal for small breeds as it takes their weight into consideration.

  • The texture is soft and can be easily consumed by your dog
  • No fear of food allergy for your dog
  • Supports the dog’s digestion
  • Support fast metabolism
  • It is quite expensive

2. Hill’s Science Diet – Best senior wet dog food

Best senior wet dog foodThis is our pick for older dogs or seniors because its ingredients are specially formulated to support them as they grow older. This is responsible for energizing them and replenishing their strength. Its ingredients are entirely natural with real chicken and vital veggies like carrots, peas, and delicious gravy. As their bodies grow older, their internal organs need some sort of support, that is why this wet dog food was produced to support their kidneys and heart rates in their senior years.

Since their digestive systems may not be as strong as when they were younger, the ingredients are made easily digestible, so they can eat with ease. Even if your dog is over 7 years, you have nothing to be worried about. During their older years, they need more veggies than meat, even though meats should not be cut out totally from their meals. That is exactly what this wet food offers.

  • High quality and easily digestible
  • Provides support for the kidney
  • Stocked with essential minerals
  • Can make dogs gas
  • A little bit priced

3. CANIDAE Grain-Free 1566 – Best wet dog food for puppies

Best wet dog food for puppiesThis wet dog food is labeled as a ‘puppy chicken formula’ because, during those formative years, they need lots of chicken. The first ingredient is chicken, which is a major source of protein. The texture is not too hard for your puppies to chew and. It also comes in different sizes because of the different servings that you might want. They are free of grains and they have a very great and delicious taste which your puppies will love.

The ingredients are majorly limited so that your puppies may digest it gently, in cases of very sensitive puppies. It comes in a variety of textures and flavors. Some of the other minerals in this wet food includes chicken broth, peas, salmon oil, and vitamins.

  • Limited ingredients
  • Free of grains
  • Meat or fish gives quality proteins
  • Can be allergic to highly sensitive puppies

4. Instinct Original 6171800 – Best wet dog food for small dogs

Best wet dog food for small dogsThis wet dog food is formulated with the highest level of protein to accelerate the growth of small dogs. With real beef and beef-liver, it comes top in this category. It can build strong bones in your small dogs. Its calorie count is specially made for small dogs.

A careful analysis of its recipe shows that it does not contain any grains, wheat, soy, potatoes, by-products, artificial colors or preservatives. These ingredients are known to trigger allergies in very sensitive small dogs.

Its ingredients are all-natural are grain-free. This will enhance the development of nicely trimmed, lean muscles in your small dogs. Served as a meal or topper, this delicious loaf texture is a taste that small dogs crave. Other ingredients include: Chicken, Eggs, Pea and fiber.

  • Contains no filler
  • All-natural ingredients
  • High protein content
  • If not careful, the can might snap up while trying to open it

5. Weruva Grain-Free 6111 – Best grain free wet dog food

Best grain free wet dog foodThis wet dog meal right here is highly proteinous with its skinless white breast chicken meat. It is all-natural with very minimal processing. It is completely free of grain, gluten, GMOs and Msgs. There are no preservatives, nor is there any soy, wheat, or artificial flavors.

It comes as a balanced diet for dogs with added vitamins and minerals. It also has antioxidants to enhance muscle development in your dogs.

Its ingredients are wholesome for easy and fast digestion and the ingredients are the normal ones you will see in other highly nutritious dog food. It is a complete meal that is ethically sourced grass-fed beef, cage-free chicken, and dolphin safe. Either you got a small or big dog; you can always find the best fit for your dog. It can also be served as a stand-alone diet, or a topper for other meals.

  • Entirely grain-free
  • Aids digestion
  • Rich in protein
  • Not healthy for overly sensitive dogs

6. Natural Balance Limited Diets – Best wet dog food for sensitive stomach

Best wet dog food for sensitive stomachThis is surely one tough job if your dog’s stomach is sensitive- finding the best wet food. But relax even if your dog is a picky eater. As you well know, wet food is better than dry food, one of the reasons is because of its high protein content. So, if your dog has a sensitive stomach, we highly recommend this brand.

The ingredients are pretty limited, and that gives you the responsibility of controlling what is included in the diet of your dog.

This wet food is also delicious because of its seven different flavors. Each of these flavors has a single protein source as well as a carbohydrate source. Such a source may be brown rice, sweet potato, or chicken. There are no extra preservatives nor are there any artificial colors or flavors.

The texture is also soft, making it easy to chew and digest. If you have a big dog or a small dog, as long as their stomach is sensitive, this is your best choice.

  • Easy to digest
  • No fear of allergies
  • It is expensive

7. Nutro Grain Free – Best wet dog food for Chihuahua

Best wet dog food for ChihuahuaThis is the best choice for your Chihuahuas because of the absence of corn, wheat, or soy. There is also no chicken by-product in it or any artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors . It has a high protein content with real chicken as its first ingredient. It is surely a grain-free dog wet food that has a high nutrition content.

Its available flavor blends make for its delicious taste when consumed by your precious adult Chihuahua.

It also contains twenty-four trays that are Cut in the stew made if pea, sweet potatoes, and Chicken. The recipes for this dog food are specially made using real and natural ingredients. Apart from its protein, it also comes along with natural other high-quality ingredients, balanced with vitamins and minerals.

It is surely a high quality, grain-free wet Chihuahua food, full of nutrients and flavor that dogs big and small go crazy over. It has a very soft feel when consumed by your Chihuahuas and that means easy consumption and digestion.

  • Specially made for Chihuahuas
  • Soft texture for easy digestion
  • Might not be ideal for sensitive Chihuahuas

8. Taste of the Wild – Best affordable wet dog food

Best affordable wet dog foodFingers are not equal is a common adage to suggest that we are all not equal financially. But this does not mean if you are not rich there is no nutritious dog meal you can buy. The most affordable that won’t compromise on the quality is this one right here. It is still highly rich in protein since it has meat as its first ingredient.

This protein also makes it possible for your dog to have strong but lean muscles. It also has a moderate amount of amino acids. Other ingredients added to this recipe include vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fruits, and veggies. It also comes with very efficient antioxidants.

It contains no Grain, Corn, Wheat, and Filler; there are no Artificial Flavors, Colors, Preservatives Added. Its highly digestible fiber from blueberries, raspberries and sweet potatoes also contributes to its delicious taste.

  • It comes cheap
  • High protein content
  • Easy digestion
  • Can be harmful to sensitive dogs

9. Blue Buffalo Basics Diet – Best wet dog food for allergies

Best wet dog food for allergiesThis wet food is specially made for dogs with allergies because care was taken so that there will not be a single trace of fillers or ingredients that may be harmful to your pets. The carbohydrate base for this wet dog food is potatoes. Remember, potatoes are easily digestible by your canine companion. This will keep your mind at rest as you don’t have to visit a veterinary hospital every time.

Since it is canned, it keeps all ingredients fresh and preserved naturally. That means besides protein and carbohydrates, the other nutrients present are vitamins and other useful minerals that can be beneficial to your dog’s health even though it’s leaving with an allergy. It does have some omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. There is also fish oil in the can.

It is duck based, because duck is rich in protein, though duck is not always used in most dog food.

  • A protein-rich formula
  • Grain-free
  • No poultry products
  • Must finish a can when opened because there are no preservatives

10. Freshpet Healthy & Natural Chicken Roll – Best wet dog food for older dogs

Best wet dog food for older dogsThis highly recommended wet food for older dogs has protein as its number one ingredient. It has no meat meals or any by-product meals. It does not contain any fillers or preservatives. Highly rich in antioxidants and veggies; and it is a complete and balanced for small, medium and large older dogs.

This wet dog food for older dogs is rich in ingredients. The ingredients include natural poultry meats, fruits that are rich in vitamins, and other tasty veggies. All these ingredients are combined in it to improve your dog’s well-being and immune system of your older dogs. All ingredients contain necessary nutrients for your older dogs as they continue the aging process.

It also comes in a resealable bag.   

  • All-natural ingredient
  • Boost energy and good health
  • Could be expensive

Buying Guide: Choosing the best wet dog food for your Dog

How to Choose

As humans, what we eat affect our overall well-being and quality of life. The same is true about our dogs. You want them to look healthy? Feed them highly nutritious wet dog meals.

A healthy dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog will turn out to be a loyal dog. On the other hand, when the quality of the diet given to our dog is poor, they are more prone to various health problems which may include fatigue, dry skin, sores, tick-infestation, and infection. It can even shorten their lives.

When considering which wet food is best for them, be mindful of the many options that the many available stores offer. Online stores, friends, family, and other printed dog materials can also offer their suggestions. So choosing which wet food your dog will eat is not going to be an easy task, especially if you want your dog to be happy. If you have more than one dog that differs in size and age, then your job becomes tougher.

Therefore basic knowledge of the nutritional needs of the dog is vital for the health of your dog(s). We will now look at some of them.

Wet food sources

Dogs are carnivorous animals. Or are you still in doubt? Check their canine- the long pair of teeth they have in their upper jaw. They can tear and hand onto meats and other food.

Their molars are different from our (human) molars. Our flat molars are meant for chewing food, but theirs are sharp are ready-made for tearing meat. That means they are designed to chew less and swallow more. So be mindful of these and get them what can be digested well in their stomach and intestines.


Now, for a dog to be healthy there should be more nutrients in their wet food.  This will be reflected in the way your dog looks: the skin, the quality of its furs, the absence of excess fats in its body, and its energy. Also, know that the nutrients needed must be in the right proportion. A proper and balanced canine diet should contain the following nutrients:

  1. Protein– it is estimated that for your dog’s diet to be called ‘protein-rich’ 18-22 percent of the diet should be protein. High-quality protein can be found in meats, poultry products, yogurts, beans, and extracts from the dehydrated plant.  Of course, as true with humans, the age and health of a particular can also determine the amount of protein we allow in their meals.
  2. Carbohydrates– there is no minimum or maximum amount of carbohydrates that should be present in their diets. Only make sure that their food must contain carbohydrates. Avoid presenting them with wet food that contains more raw carbohydrates. This is because dogs cannot digest raw carbohydrates or starchy food. If they take too many raw carbohydrates, they may start gassing too much for your liken.
  3. Vitamins– you will want your dog to grow strong and agile, isn’t it? Then what they need is a diet that is rich in vitamins and other minerals. These will help your dog to grow strong bones and teeth; it will boost the immune system, and make their internal organs to work well. Indeed, these minerals show not be absent from their diet, but so is an excess of those vitamins and minerals that can be dangerous to their health. So, check the can to know that the food contains just the right amount of those minerals.
  4. Fat– how much fat should be present in the diet of a healthy dog? It is recommended that about 5 to 8 percent of the diet should be fat. These fats are well present in oils, meats, and butter. They contribute to the taste of the meal, act as a cushion for internal organs, protect your dog from cold, and help to transport important nutrients round the body. A lack of fats may also affect their health adversely.
  5. Water– even though many will argue that water is not edible; it is still a part of the essential nutrients that should be present in the nutrition of your dog. Make sure that your dog never gets dehydrated, because this can cause fatigue and other health issues.

Best Wet Dog Food

Dog Food Allergies

Just as humans can have food poisoning, so can a dog become allergic to some things. Food is the easiest way a dog can develop allergies. Since there are many types of food out there, you must take note of the following points.

Allergy Causes- either your dog is full-grown or a puppy, they can become allergic to something, even in their diet. Genetics may play a role in their allergies. For example, if their parents are allergic to something, it is almost likely that they too may be allergic to the same thing. Another cause of food allergies may be as a result of the breed of your dog.

Read Food Labels Before Buying- As with humans, it is vital to consider the food we feed ourselves. So when thinking of what to buy, make sure you read the label before buying them. When you pick up the can, read all the ingredients well. If there is any item in the list that you know your dog is allergic to, make sure not to buy it. Even if your dog is not allergic to any of the items, you might want to ensure that easily digestible items are the things you want your canine companion to feed on.

Know What Triggers Their Allergy- If you know your dog very well, you will understand the things that they are allergic to, with the aim of not including them in their meals. Below are some common ingredients in the diet of a dog that may or may not cause allergies:

  1. Poultry produce
  2. Corn
  3. Beef
  4. Wheat
  5. Beans

Of course, not all ingredients in the market come with these allergies. Some have been refined to make it edible for your dogs. However, you will do yourselves a lot of good if you check the ingredients well before buying it.

Read another post to find out which are the best dog foods for allergies.

Tips for Feeding Dogs

  1. Regulate their Feeding–  Just as you will not want to keep eating junk and risk adding excess weight, so is regulating the food you give to your dog’s vital. If you want to control the feeding of your dog, make sure you take their size or weight into consideration before giving them each meal.  Also, you will want to ensure that you give them meals at specified times during the day. If you study dogs well, you will notice that they most times gorge their meals, no matter how many times you decide to feed them. So don’t be deceived, they may be full but will still keep eating if they see more.
  2. Avoid much homemade food– Some people make the mistake of feeding their dogs leftovers from their meals. Please, if you are accustomed to doing this, note that dogs are not meant to eat those kinds of food. For instance, in this review, we have seen that their digestive tracts cannot digest raw carbohydrates while humans may not have the same issues. Most human meals can be deadly to dogs. Wet dog foods are specially made for the dog because it took into consideration their nutritional needs.
  3. Be Flexible– Some have noticed that there are seasons when their dogs are more active than other seasons. Well, while you may be feeding them good meals all through. Take a challenge: adjust what you feed them during those seasons they act sluggish. You may be thrilled to find out that adjusting their meals during those months can be can make them more productive.


This review has no doubt changed your orientation or perhaps better enlightened you about the kind of food you should feed your dog(s). It is true you might have the best intentions, but not every food out there, even some so-called dog food is beneficial to your dog. As you have seen, canned or wet food is way better hand cooked food at home and other kibbles that are sold.

We have analyzed some of the best-wet dog food in the market, and for each category, we picked the one that ranked the highest. This should make your job easier as you decide which of the best-wet dog food in the market to buy. We have also enjoyed some useful tips for feeding your dog and making it healthy. Kindly read this well-researched review and let it guide you in the market so you don’t jeopardize the health of your dog, as well as waste your hard-earned income.

If you are still not sure why wet dog food is good for your dog, why not check out this video below to clear those doubts


Complete Guide: 10 Best Wet Dog Food Reviews in 2019

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