Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Senior Dog Food Reviewed in 2019

Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Senior Dog Food Reviewed in 2019

As your dog ages, their nutritional needs change. You will need to search for a new food formula for them so that they can stay healthy, fit, and can live a little longer. Their meals now may be a combination that is rich in fiber, low in calories and a moderate percentage of protein and fat. This best senior dog food review will aim to give you all the information you need just so you can give your senior dogs the best meal you can.

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There are different breeds of dogs, so take note that not all breeds of dogs will attain a senior level at the same time. Their size, genetics, previous nutrition, and living environments can also play vital roles. But as a general rule, when your dog is nearing its 10th year (for small breeds), or when it reaches its 6th or 7th year (for large breeds) you should be thinking of changing their diets to senior food already. This review can be trusted because it is highly researched and endorsed.

Our Top Pick

Orijen Dry Dog food

Best Senior Dog FoodKey Features

  • Grain-free for senior dogs
  • Fresh ingredients from 6 different sources
  • A healthy diversity of raw and fresh meat

A Glance

This dry food is the overall pick for several reasons. As your dog ages, you will want them to maintain their body weight and not go through the common emaciation associated with the aging process. The high protein content will help your dog keep a lean muscle and maintain its size. It can be stored at home without the risk of getting spoilt after the pack is opened. This dry food is a balanced diet for your senior dogs.

Its ingredients are all-natural and there are no artificial flavors. It features grain-free ingredients sourced from 6 different places. Therein you are guaranteed that your dog will get diversified animal protein and fats, all ensuring your senior dog stays healthy. It also features some fresh veggies that support the general well-being of your dog.

10 best senior dog food with reviews

1. Merrick grain-free – Best senior dog food small breeds

Best senior dog food small breedsThis dog food offer is all in terms of nutrients for your senior dogs. Do you want a balanced diet for your senior dog? Here you have it. Real meat delivers protein for their muscles’ tenacity.

Sweet potatoes and peas deliver high-quality vitamins and minerals needed to keep them healthy. The blueberries in this dog food provide omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This will keep your small breed dogs radiant through their shiny coat and improved skin condition. So in all, we can conclude that this dog food is super packed with valuable ingredients and great taste, ideal for your small breed senior dogs.

The proteins are going to guarantee high energy levels even though they are getting old. It improves through bone mass, strong muscles, joints, and mental alertness. The hips and joints of your senior dog will be made firmer by chondroitin and glucosamine in this dog food.

Your small breed senior dogs need this brand because it gradually replenishes the already diminishing immunity common of senior dogs. It helps it build strong bones and joints. It also prevents senior dog emaciation.

  • It is all natural
  • It makes for a healthy skin
  • Improve hip and joint condition.
  • Poop’s smell may be irritating

2. Orijen dry – Best dry dog food for senior dogs

Best dry dog food for senior dogsA special protein rich dry food for your senior dog. This food takes into consideration the old age plaguing senior dogs, no wonder it is packed with the necessary nutrients needed to strengthen their immunity as well as weak joints. Since senior dogs may have a lower metabolism, this dog food is easily digestible. Key ingredients include fruits, veggies, chicken and turkey, vitamins and other minerals.

It gives your dog very good skin and a healthy look. It improves their energy level and contributes positively to their immune systems. It has no soy, wheat, corn, artificial preservatives and colorings. Your senior dog’s life needs to be prolonged for as long as possible, and that is the foundation for this senior dog food. This brand is very good for your senior dogs

  • Absence of artificial preservatives
  • Improves Dog’s skin
  • High level of protein
  • The price may be a little higher

3. Natural balance ultra-premium – Best canned dog food for senior dogs

Best canned dog food for senior dogsThis canned dog food provides very moderate quantity of ingredients like veggies, calories, and lean protein. The team behind its production, made up up very competent veterinary doctors has ensured that these essential ingredients are present in the right amount. They are well formulated to keep your senior dogs healthy, active, and fit. This food is also enriched with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that works to improve the physical appearance of your senior dogs in terms of a better looking skin and a shiny coat.

If you buy this dog food, they are always available to give you very ample advice on how to use it. This dog food contains no grain, no artificial preservatives, and colorings as well as flavors. It also has no wheat, soy, or corn as some senior dogs may be allergic to these. It maintains a moderate quantity of protein providing ingredients like meat. This canned dog meal is ideal for your senior dogs.

  • It has a low sodium solution.
  • It has great taste.
  • High quality ingredients
  • It is variable in the price

4. Wellness Complete Health – Best senior wet dog food

Best senior wet dog foodIf you have a senior dog, make sure you are careful in selecting what to feed them. If you searching for the best wet dog food for your dogs aged above 7, here is your pick. The recipe will provide these old canine companions with the nutrients they need to enjoy their old age with less health issues. The ingredients are all natural, and very rich in protein.

Also, it aims to replenish the weaker joints associated with senior dogs as well as frailty in their appearances. Apart from that, it has a great taste that makes is something to be longer for by senior dogs. Sit back and watch your once sluggish senior dog skip about like puppies when they start eating this well-formulated wet dog food.

This brand is made with high quality and tasty meats, natural grains, farm fruits, and veggies to provide adequate nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and essential antioxidants. 

  • It makes your pet have a nice coat and skin.
  • It aids proper digestion
  • It gives more energy to your pets
  • Increased immunity.
  • The price is not stable

5. Orijen Dry Dog food – Best senior dog food grain free

Best senior dog food grain freeOne thing about dogs, whether small or old is that they all love meat. This is because it is a major source of protein, a nutrient needed by all dogs. This grain free dry dog food from Orijen offers the same benefits. Its main ingredient is meat based- Chicken.

It has about 5 different sources of fresh and raw animal ingredients. All-natural ingredients to give your senior dog healthy skin. This dry dog food does not have the common preservatives and colorings that some dog food has. There are no grains, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, fillers, or gluten. The ingredients are not just natural but raw and animal-based.

This dry food comes in a number of sizes depending on which is best for you. Remember that as a dry dog food, it can be stored at home for as long as you want it. The meat is natural and not artificial. There are no animal by products nor any other ingredients that are artificial. It has a great taste and it will maintain the health of your senior dogs.

  • Delicious taste
  • Fresh animal ingredients
  • Fluctuating prices

6. CANIDAE – Best senior dog food for sensitive stomach

Best senior dog food for sensitive stomachThis  dog food is labeled as a the ideal ‘chicken formula’ because, during those formative years, they need lots of chicken. The first ingredient is chicken, which is a major source of protein. The texture is not too hard for your puppies to chew and. It also comes in different sizes because of the different servings that you might want.

They are free of grains and they have a very great and delicious taste that your puppies will love.

The ingredients are majorly limited so that your puppies may digest it gently, in cases of very sensitive puppies. It comes in a variety of textures and flavors. Some of the other minerals in this wet food includes chicken broth, peas, salmon oil, and vitamins.

  • It contains probiotics to aid digestion.
  • Strong antioxidants which improves the immune system
  • It is suitable senior dogs
  • The breath of the dog might smell terrible.

7. AvoDerm Natural – Best senior dog food large breed

Best senior dog food large breedThe reason you should choose this wet food is simple: it is totally grain free. It is also available in more than one flavor, adding to the taste your large breed senior dogs derives from eating it. It has chicken flavor, stew and turkey flavor, and an adult formula. Embedded with high quality ingredients that supplies vitamins and amino acids, this brand is just what your senior needs.  

It has meat as the primary ingredient, and when a wet dog meal has meat as a major ingredient, it suggests a high percentage of protein present. That is exactly what your dog needs. If your senior dog has a sensitive stomach, this is also the best choice you can make as it is grain-free. Old dogs as you know easily develop stomach allergies to several foods. It is poised to keep them healthy and strong all the time.

When nutrients are not enough, they may start having a lot of health issues. But with the help of some added vitamins, the health and immunity of these senior dogs will be improved.

  • It is rich in omega and avocados.
  • High level of protein
  • It is made up of simple ingredients.
  • The price varies

8. Pedigree Choice cuts – Best soft dog food for senior dogs

Best soft dog food for senior dogsSome senior dogs need soft food for a number of reasons. Well, if that is the type of senior dog you own, you don’t need to look any further. This is the right food for your dog. It is canned, embedded with a lot of rich ingredients that supplies all the nutrients they need.

It has great taste, so many senior dogs are fond of this soft food. The texture is easily consumed even by weaker jaws. It also means it can easily be digested. Its smell is not irritating both to the dog and to you the owner. It has chicken and beef as major ingredients so you can be sure your senior dogs will be healthy all along because of the high-quality protein meat offers.

The sauce is very much appetizing, and it also contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that improve a shiny coat and adorable hair. The skin is also sure to be replenished. All these high-quality ingredients show clearly that your pooches will love this dog food and consistently eating it will guarantee a healthy and active life for them.

  • It is suitable for underweight pets
  • It aids the digestive system.
  • It ensures healthy skin and coats.
  • Some of its by-products may cause allergies to some dogs.

9. Diamond Naturals – Best senior dog food for arthritis

Best senior dog food for arthritisDogs with arthritis can find it very hard to move around, and stay active. They may start experiencing loss of weight and their lifestyles may change all too fast from an active one to a very passive one. This senior dog food is properly tailored to meet that need. It uses good and natural ingredients in giving  food that is balanced in nutrients.

Protein, vitamins, calories, and fats are well measured to maintain your senior dogs’ good health even through arthritis. It uses a good meal in maintaining this condition in a dog as well as keeping other internal organs at the optimum level.

The carbohydrates ensure that they have a normal energy level which they need to maintain their agility. Remember, even with arthritis, they still need to skip about once in a while. Other essential ingredients in this dog food are eggs, chicken, brown rice, fruits, and vegetables. Also, vitamins and minerals are present. All these ingredients are present in just the right amount to sustain your senior dogs living with arthritis. it also contains antioxidants and omega fatty acids to aid in keeping the skin and coat beautifully healthy.

  • It has been proved to be beneficial to pets with gastrointestinal problems.
  • The presence of antioxidants and omega fatty acids aid in keeping the skin and coat healthy.
  • It contains nutritious ingredients.
  • Some dogs would not eat this food because of the smell.

10. Eagle pack food – Best dog food for overweight senior dogs

Best dog food for overweight senior dogsThis  dog food is an exact representation of a balanced diet for dogs. All the nutrients contained therein are in the right amount. Proteins, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and fatty acids are all present with once nutrient not outshining the other. It comes in a very sweet and tasty sensation when dogs take it.

The most important feature of this dog food is its ability to control the weight of your dog no matter how much of it they consume. With ingredients like oatmeal and natural fiber, there is a guarantee of healthy and fast digestion or metabolism. The food also gets processed internally so fast that in an hour or less what your dogs give are firm stools. Other quality ingredients include brown rice, real lamb, and high-quality protein. 

The type of protein used in this dog food for overweight dogs a special kind of protein that aids digestion. This ensures this food does its major work of reducing weight while not deficient of the major ingredient needed to maintain an optimum level of health. It also contains glucosamine hydrochloride to help the dog to also meet everyday needs. .

  • Formulated with all-natural ingredients
  • No wheat, corn or soy.
  • Usage is for only overweight dogs.

Helpful Tips to buying the Best Senior dog food

Get professional help

The best person in a position to help you get the best brand of senior dog food is a veterinary Doctor. They not only know much about the dog but also the process of manufacturing of these foods. They know everything about the nutrition of senior dogs so they can better suggest the best brands to buy. Even if you want to mix dry and wet food in the right amount, the veterinarian is your best source of useful information.

Make sure you tell them everything about your senior dog’s medical history. When they recommend a brand to you, it will be good if you find out all you can about that brand before you proceed to buy it.

Best Senior Dog Food

Online Ratings

With technological advancements spreading like gangrene in this modern era, more and more people are choosing to buy their products online instead of going to local supermarkets. There is a lot of online stores where you can buy senior dog food. However easy this may seem, there are some pitfalls to avoid. These online stores rate these brands based on customer recommendations.

These online reviews and ratings can give you an insight into whether the food is good or bad. Don’t ignore the negative comments on a particular product as this could be very true. As a general rule, go for a product that has a rating of 4 and above.

Combination of diet

Do not condemn dry food because wet foods are tastier, and do not condemn wet food because dry food can be stored at home for as long as you want. Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages. They can both be given to your senior dogs. Only know in which proportion you need to give them so they don’t risk being overweight.

Discuss with other senior dog Owners

If you are new in the keeping of dogs as a pet, it will be wise if you can find time to relate with those that have been keeping dogs at home before you. They know much about dogs than you do. Most likely, they have met with a veterinarian at some point and gotten loads of useful information. So, if you have any difficulty choosing to do food, they are your first point of contact.

How to feed your Senior dog properly

Regulate their Feeding-  Just as you will not want to keep eating junk and risk adding excess weight, so is regulating the food you give to your dog’s vital. If you want to control the feeding of your dog, make sure you take their size or weight into consideration before giving them each meal.

Also, you will want to ensure that you give them meals at specified times during the day. If you study dogs well, you will notice that they most times gorge their meals, no matter how many times you decide to feed them. So don’t be deceived, they may be full but will still keep eating if they see more.

Avoid much homemade food- Some people make the mistake of feeding their senior dogs leftovers from their meals. Please, if you are accustomed to doing this, note that dogs generally are not meant to eat those kinds of food. For instance, in this review, we have seen that their digestive tracts cannot digest raw carbohydrates while humans may not have the same issues

Most human meals can be deadly to dogs. Wet senior dog foods are specially made for dogs because it took into consideration their nutritional needs

Be Flexible- Some have noticed that there are seasons when their senior dogs are more active than other seasons. Well, while you may be feeding them good meals all through. Take a challenge: adjust what you feed them during those seasons they act sluggish. You may be thrilled to find out that adjusting their meals during those months can be can make them more productive.


What ailments are senior dogs prone to?
They are more prone to arthritis, gum inflammation, diabetes, kidney disease, dementia, and cancer.
Should you give senior dogs dry or wet food?
As earlier mentioned, they prefer both dry and wet food. The food they prefer could be mood dependent.
How much walk do senior dogs need daily?
As a dog’s age, the amount of walking needed decreases. Om the average senior dogs need 10-15 minutes of walking daily.
Should you feed senior dogs raw meat?
If at all you plan to do it, keep it very minimal- maybe about 2 percent of its diet.
Should I feed my senior dog eggs?
Eggs are known to be very high in protein and amino acids. So when cooked, they can be very nutritious for your senior dogs.


Keep in mind that when they are getting old, the immune system is always the first thing to start failing in their body. A diet that is rich in protein will keep the immune system working- maybe not at an optimal level, but just enough to keep them going. The joints, bones, and muscles will be intact and working fine. If you ever notice that your senior dog might be sick, before you change their food, you should get medical help from a veterinary Doctor.

This review has been thorough in explaining what you need to know about senior dog food and where you can get the best out there. You have also been briefed on selecting the best and healthiest food for your senior dogs. You don’t need to be searching for all stores for the best dog food for senior dogs. Use the information in this review in making the best choice.

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Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Senior Dog Food Reviewed in 2019

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