Complete Guide: 10 Best Probiotics for Dogs Reviewed in 2019

Complete Guide: 10 Best Probiotics for Dogs Reviewed in 2019

Sometimes, you just discover that something is wrong with your pet dog. When microbes present in your pooch’s stomach are destroyed or disrupted, your dog may have sin conditions, diarrhea, allergies, upset stomach, and a decline in health. 

The good thing is that administering the best probiotics for dogs can go a long way in restoring the balance of the gut’s healthy bacteria, promoting well-being and health, and reducing unwanted symptoms. Because humans and dogs are not the same, you’ll opt to buy probiotics that are specially formulated for dogs to ensure the right type of bacteria is being supplied for your pet’s health.

We’ve done some research and then reviewed some dog probiotics to help you identify the very best. Based on ingredients, Amazon reviews, costs, colony-forming units (CFU), as well as other considerations, we’ve compiled the most effective, top-rated probiotics for dogs, and with these, you shouldn’t have difficulties making your choice.

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Our Top Pick


Best Probiotics for Dogs with AllergiesKey Features

  • Enriched with powerful anti-inflammatories as well as antioxidants
  • Low fat, low fiber, and high protein content
  • Vitamins (E, C, and A) present to help boost your pooch’s immune system

A Glance

This product claims the top spot among our top 10 best probiotics for dogs because it is made up of Enterococcus faecium which can be found in the digestive system of dogs naturally. Another reason is that this probiotic is very rich in protein and has low fat and fiber content. Also present is vitamins A, C, and E to help boost the immune system of dogs.

Top 10 Best Probiotics for Dogs with Reviews

1. Pet Ultimates – Best Natural Probiotics for Dogs

Best Natural Probiotics for DogsOne amazing thing about the Pet Ultimates – Best Natural Probiotics for Dogs is that asides having a single live organism that plays a role in improving gut health as well as boosting the immune system of dogs, it also features 22 different species of gut-friendly microorganisms, which accounts for about 2 billion CFUs in each serving, compared to other products that can only handle more than a few hundred CFUs in each serving.

Also, its 22-strain formulation is great compared to most products. Its formulation also includes inulin which enhances the health benefits of these supplements further.

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Stocked with inulin to give additional benefits
  • Over 2 billion CFUs present in each serving
  • Comes in a powder form that can be easily mixed with dog food
  • Despite lots of positive reviews, few customers complained that the product didn’t work for them.

2. Nutramax Proviable – Best Probiotics for Dogs with Yeast

Best Probiotics for Dogs with YeastThe Nutramax Proviable – Best Probiotics for Dogs with Yeast is a highly recommended product because per sprinkle capsule, it contains a very high 5 billion CFUs. Another amazing thing about this product is that it only achieves its 5 billion CFUs with just 7 different species, in contrast to Pet Ultimates that uses 22 to achieve its 2 billion CFUs.

Another great thing is that it features two antibiotics that help in improving the digestive tract health further while enhancing the immune system’s ability in synthesizing disease-fighting cells. 

Since Nutramax Proviable comes with comes in breakable capsules, there’s no need for measuring spoons to provide the right dose

  • Features two extra probiotics
  • Contains over 5 billion CFUs for each capsule
  • It is very easy to administer
  • There were few complaints on Amazon that there was increased flatulence after giving this supplement to their dogs

3. NUSENTIA Probiotic Miracle – Best Probiotics for Dogs with IBD

Best Probiotics for Dogs with IBDFrom the label of this probiotic supplement, you’ll clearly see that 360 billion CFUs were written on its label; this is meant for 360 servings as the NUSENTIA Probiotic Miracle – Best Probiotics for Dogs with IBD is another great product having about 1 billion CFU per serving. 

While this is less compared to that offered by Pet Ultimates and Proviable-DC, it is very sufficient in ensuring your pooch doesn’t suffer digestive issues, foul body odor, bad breath, and even gas. It also does well in proliferating fungal species and curbing abnormal growth.

This product comes in a powder form that has to be measured properly depending on your dog’s weight. However, the product is manufactured from unsafe, unnecessary, or filler ingredients.

  • Unnecessary chemicals or ingredients not included
  • Veterinarian recommended or approved
  • A great number of CFUs per serving (1 billion)
  • Few Amazon users didn’t like the product

4. FORTIFLORA Purina – Best Probiotics for Dogs with Allergies

Best Probiotics for Dogs with AllergiesIf you’re searching for an all-in-one product that incorporates dogs’ digestive enzymes as well as minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, in addition to some gut-friendly bacteria, then the FORTIFLORA Purina – Best Probiotics for Dogs with Allergies is for you. 

Each bite contains about 100 million CFU of Enterococcus faecium, which is a bacterium and a naturally occurring microorganism in the gut of canines. This means that your pooch is very safe with this probiotic since it is just adding to what’s present in your pet’s gastrointestinal tract. 

Also, each kibble is low in fiber and fat, but very rich in protein. It also comes with Vitamins (E, C, and A) to help boost your pooch’s immune system further

  • Great nutritional supplement
  • Low fat, low fiber, and high protein content
  • Enriched with powerful anti-inflammatories as well as antioxidants
  • Has a great combination of nutrients
  • No visible cons asides a very few negative reviews on Amazon

5. PetVitalityPRO Probiotics – Best Probiotics for Dogs on Antibiotics

Best Probiotics for Dogs on AntibioticsAvailable in duck flavor, the PetVitalityPRO Probiotics – Best Probiotics for Dogs on Antibiotics, offers another approach in boosting canine vitality, gastrointestinal health, immunity, and general wellbeing. 

This product also incorporates other nutrients to ensure your dog has the necessary health benefits. Asides featuring five live microorganisms, it also includes maqui berry and papaya extracts coupled with some green superfoods. 

The PetVitalityPRO is great for dog owners that wish to supplement his or her pooch with a well-rounded approach to canine health. Other nutrients are included as well, which works very well with the live microorganisms. 

  • Comes in tasty and flavored doggie chews
  • A great blend of probiotics as well as other nucleotides, FOS, and phytonutrients
  • A great number of CFUs per serving (2 billion)
  • Generally, this product has great positive reviews but there were negative reviews concerning palm oil being included, not made in the US, among others.

6. Amazing Nutritionals Probiotics for Dogs

Best Probiotic for DogsThe Amazing Nutritionals Best Probiotics for Dogs is specially designed not just to ensure good digestive health for dogs, but to come as great support for joints and canine hips to ensure that your dog moves more efficiently.  

This formulation contains four digestive enzymes to work with the health benefits of its culture formulation that has 7 billion CFUs, all in a yummy dog chew.

There’s no artificial substance or ingredient present in the preparation, that may affect the benefits of the live cultures to health.  At any rate, giving your pooch this pet probiotics should be straightforward and easy.

  • Excludes harmful allergens or chemicals
  • It can be administered easily
  • Formulated 3 joint-friendly substances and 4 digestive enzymes
  • Each dog chew is composed of 7 billion CFUs
  • Some Amazon users complained that the probiotic was not effective.

7. VetriScience Laboratories for Dogs

Best Probiotic for DogsProviding dogs with 5 billion CFUs per capsule of healthy microorganisms, the VetriScience Laboratories – Best Probiotics for Dogs has eight strains of healthy bacteria got from non-dairy products.

This should get rid of fear in those thinking that live culture obtained from dairy products could have some allergenic potential. Just like other products included in our list, the VetriScience can be of great help in achieving optimum digestion in dogs to offer some support for their immune system functioning.

Different Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus species are included in each capsule and for added benefits to the dog’s health, it is enriched with fructooligosaccharides. The administration should be very easy since it comes in capsule form.

  • Each capsule has 5 billion CFUs
  • Harmful ingredients absent
  • Features 8 strains of gut-friendly bacteria
  • Despite the great positive reviews of this product on Amazon, some users gave some negative reviews like instant diarrhea, awful odor among others.

8. Finest for Pets TummyWorks Probiotic

Best Probiotic for DogsThe Finest for Pets TummyWorks Best Probiotic for Dogs contains ten different probiotic strains, and per scoop, it delivers 2 billion CFUs. Also included are lipase, protease, amylase, beta-glucanase, bromelain and cellulase digestive enzymes for dogs. 

Also, it is stocked with prebiotics which enhances the functioning of the digestive system by relieving bad breath, bloating, and diarrhea in canines. Aside from this, it helps in developing hot spots and reduces shedding.

Since this formulation is a tasteless powder, the taste of your dog’s food won’t be affected, making it very easy to administer  

  • To mix easily with dog food, it comes in a powder form
  • Comes complete with prebiotics and digestive enzymes
  • 10 live culture strains offering about 2 billion CFUs per dog chew
  • Some Amazon customers complained that the book is not good for dogs having allergies

9. Nutrapet Probiotics for Dogs

Best Probiotic for DogsEach tablet of the Nutrapet Probiotics Best Probiotics for Dogs is composed of 200 million CFUs, which is got from four different live cultures of gut-friendly bacteria which includes three Lactobacillus species and Enterococcus faecium.

Nutrapet is also enriched with prebiotics which enhances the health of the gut of canines. Also, it is enhanced with vitamins A and E, coupled with B-vitamins to help boost the energy of your pooch.

Taking a closer look at this product, we discovered that Nutrapet is made from dry chicken liver which dogs will find very appetizing. The tablets are also chewable, so it can be served as a treat.

  • It is enriched with prebiotics and antioxidants
  • Made up of chicken liver flavor which is loved by dogs
  • These chewable tablets are easily administered
  • Some users complained about the quality of the product

10. Paw Choice Probiotics for Dogs

Best Probiotic for DogsThe Paw Choice Best Probiotics for Dogs is a bite-sized, duck flavored, soft chew. It contains an effective and patented probiotic referred to as Ganenden BC30.

According to Paw choice, this probiotic can be used daily in maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract for your dog. It also improves digestion, enhances overall health, and supports the immune system.

Normally, Bacillus coagulans is not found in a dog’s digestive tract; however, studies have revealed that the strain works well in fighting against infections, most especially in the large intestine.

These treats also have high fiber content, and it is also made of aloe vera and probiotics to halt the growth of bacteria species that are harmful.

  • Enhances overall health
  • It is made in the USA, so you can be sure of its quality
  • Fights against infections in the large intestine
  • Few negative reviews on Amazon

Buying Guide

Important Features to consider when buying the best probiotic for your dog

Here are some things to consider before choosing a probiotic for your pooch:


Taste plays a vital role in chews. It becomes a useless inclusion to the diet of dogs when they don’t get to his body. There’s an added benefit for chews as they can be used as treats. You should also consider the chew-ability and taste if you decide to use them as treats.


In contrast to what you might think, syringes are not injections. This gives your dog a gel-like probiotic orally and much force will be used to shoot it into his mouth that he has no choice but to swallow it. This method cannot be hidden, but this will take the least struggle time. 


For most dog parents, they have a big selling point as they can sneak the powder into the food of most dogs easily without little or no restraints. So many companies make lots of powders flavored with chicken or beef, but if your pet prefers his food the way it is, them using the flavorless powders is highly recommended. 

Additional Nutrients

If something has been added to your routine already, this will be a great way of incorporating other nutrients through which your pet dog can get some benefits. You may include some multivitamin that includes a probiotic as well. Mind you, this is not very common, since the bacteria present in the probiotic may fail to blend effectively with other ingredients.

How to Pick the Best Probiotic for your Dog

When choosing probiotics for your pooch, there are certain things to keep in mind: 

Guaranteed CFU: The product’s label should indicate and guarantee the number of CFUs (Colony-forming units) in billions or millions per gram. 

Species and Strain: The ingredients listed on the product should indicate the bacterial species and strain like Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Contact of the Customer Service: The website of the manufacturer or the packaging of the product must include their customer service contact, so you can reach out to them with your questions.

Storage Recommendations and Expiration Date: There must be an expiration date or a “best before” written on the product. Storage conditions and time (i.e. excessive cold or heat) could reduce how viable some of these bacterial strains are. It’s best to keep your probiotics safely in a refrigerator 

Tips for Keeping the Cultures of Canines Alive and Well

Always take note that probiotics are also referred to as living organisms. Because they evolved to live in the digestive system of your dog, they may die when kept in a box of made to sit in your cupboard. Therefore, when buying probiotics for dogs, ensure to:

  • Keep it in a cool and dry place
  • Expired products must be discarded; they are less likely to have many live CFUs
  • Go for brands explaining the quantity of live CFUs when the product expires 
  • Use brands that offer protective shields

Best Probiotics for Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a probiotic for dogs?
A probiotic is a bacteria that doesn’t cause or bring harm to your dog and could protect them against harmful bacteria.

They occur naturally; however, occasionally the body becomes unbalanced which will result in some consequences.

Do these Probiotics really work?
Yes, they do. They do a lot more than you can ever understand. But logically speaking, it’s not a drug, nor is it a miracle.

In cases of serious health issues, your vet will prescribe an actual medication that will work more effectively than a probiotic.


Just like humans behave, dogs depend on a perfectly functioning immune system to ensure that substances and organisms causing diseases are managed effectively at the cellular levels. Now, it is an obvious fact that about 70% of the immune system’s main disease-fighting cells are situated in the lymph vessels lining the gut or gastrointestinal tract. This is why the optimal functioning of your dog’s immune system must be maintained. A gut functioning effectively maintains the integrity of cells of the immune system, helping your pet to be more active and live healthier lives.

Thankfully, there’s no need to visit your vet to ensure your dog’s gut stays equal to the task, all you need is a reliable probiotic supplement, specially designed to provide dogs with good bacteria to ensure it stays healthy. With our ten best probiotics for dogs reviewed above as well as our buying guide, you shouldn’t have any problems making your decision.

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Complete Guide: 10 Best Probiotics for Dogs Reviewed in 2019

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