Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Large Breed Puppy Food in 2019

Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Large Breed Puppy Food in 2019

There have been questions about whether large breed puppies must have a special diet. The answer is simple: yes! These puppies are in their formative period where they need the right amount of nutrients protein, carbohydrates, and fats. But some puppies grow faster than others.

They need more meaty ingredients, veggies, and other vitamins and minerals. Their recipes must also reflect these special nutritional requirements. It must also be moderate in the percentage of calories it process. This best large breed puppy food is just what you need.

Searching the markets for healthy and delicious food for your large breed puppy food can be very challenging with the influx of substandard dog food available today. Also, you need the food that won’t upset their stomach because just one wrong choice is enough to trigger such stomach issues. This review you about peering into is a result of a well-researched analysis of the market. You will find the best brands and the links to where to buy them.

Our Top Pick

Taste of the Wild Grain Free

Best Large Breed Puppy FoodKey Features

  • Absence of grains, wheat, artificial colorings and preservatives
  • Small-sized chops for easy consumption
  • Well packed ingredients for the rapid healthy growth

A Glance

You may be thinking about why this stands out as the favorite pick. Well, its extra special richness and taste make it sought after by dog owners with large breed puppies.

Its combination of essential ingredients like buffalo, sweet potatoes, pea protein, lamb meal, and tomatoes makes it something to be desired by puppies. It is also grain-free and does not contain any artificial colorings or preservatives. It is also made extra nutritious by its veggies and fruits which aim to enhance a healthy lifestyle in your large breed puppy.

Its protein content is of high quality and this food can easily be digested by your chubby puppy. It is also garnished with the essential amino acids which can amount to lean and strong muscles.

When your puppy stool after eating this food, the smell is never irritating.

10 best large breed puppy food with Reviews

1. Solimo ultra-premium – Best large breed puppy food for German shepherds

Best large breed puppy food for German shepherdsThis brand creates not just high-quality dog food, but also provides the right amount of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They are also made to promote a cleaner and greener environment. It has chicken and sweet potatoes as its main ingredients. There are no artificial preservatives and it also contains no corn, wheat or soy.

The price is suitable for those on a budget and it is very rich in vitamins and other essential minerals.

The chicken and sweet potatoes in it are very high. It also provides a high-quality protein to maintain muscle mass and strength in large dogs. Sincerely this brand of large dog food is good for your pets.

Basically, your German Shepherd puppies need this food because its ingredients will contribute much to its development, energy level, and boost its immune system.

  • It gives appropriate energy to the dog
  • It is affordable
  • It is free from dangerous ingredients
  • The formula is a bit smell
  • The price is not stable

2. BLUE Basic formula – Best grain free large breed puppy food

Best grain free large breed puppy foodThere are many puppies that suffer from sensitive stomachs. Sensible dog owners know that changing their meals or adjusting it is a good way to solve such problems. Some of the symptoms experienced by sensitive stomach may include vomits, frequent stools, and gasing. This dog food has devised a dietary solution to that problem for large breed puppies using grain free ingredients.

This grain-free brand of large dog food has turkey as its first ingredient. It also has plenty of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin.

This large breed puppy food is also useful for the reduction of the buildup of tartar, making their dentition near perfect. The kibbles ate not too large nor are they too small. Even though the ingredients are limited, still it has so much to offer in terms of the nutrients it gives to large breed puppies.

  • Healthier immune system with its additional vitamins
  • The presence of phosphorus and calcium in it helps the growth of the bone
  • The omega 3 and 6 improves the skin and coats
  • There are no artificial colors or flavors
  • The odor might not be friendly

3. Iams proactive – Best large breed puppy dry food

Best large breed puppy dry foodThe main purpose in regards to large breed puppy food that you probably face as an owner is the quality, appeal and nutrition are provided. This dry food from Iams has been created to assure you of all of those points and is a great option for large breed puppies. From many experiences, people have been worried about the ingredients that are used in pet foods as you often hear stories about the substances used to increase the mass of the product.

This is not the case with Iams formula, though, as they are made in America under strict quality control conditions. This is the most appealing thing about this product because many people know that this brand can be trusted. This brand will be good for your pet.

  • It is formulated with Omega 3 DHA
  • It is enriched with antioxidants
  • Calcium is highly present
  • It is somewhat costly

4. Blue Buffalo wilderness – Best large breed puppy food for labs

Best large breed puppy food for labsThis dog food is exactly what large breed puppies need, especially those are are ever active. The kibbles are quite delicious for labs. The taste remains ever natural, a kind of taste for labs need. The dog food is rich in protein as lamb, beef, and bison are accountable for its meat content. This whole delicacy was also made without the addition of artificial preservatives, wheat, soy, corn or grain.

What really makes it ideal for sensitive stomach is its hypoallergenic formula. You can be confident that your dog will not be having any occasional cases of gastrointestinal issues. The coats of your puppies will be ever shiny because this particular brand is formulated with salmon. This will fix any skin issues they may have. It also has a rich fatty acid content which will contribute positively to their overall well being.

  • It is free of grains
  • Has different tasty blends
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • Not all dogs can take this food

5. Taste of the Wild Grain Free Puppy Food

Best Large Breed Puppy FoodThe reason you should choose this wet food is simple: it is totally grain free. It is also available in more than one flavor, adding to the taste your puppy derives from eating it. It has chicken flavor, stew and turkey flavor, and an adult formula.

It has meat as the primary ingredient, and when a wet dog meal has meat as a major ingredient, it suggests a high percentage of protein present. That is exactly what your dog needs. If your puppy has a sensitive stomach, this is also the best choice you can make as it is grain-free. Puppies as you know easily develop stomach allergies to several foods.

It is poised to keep your puppy healthy and strong all the time.

Its combination of essential ingredients like buffalo, sweet potatoes, pea protein, lamb meal, and tomatoes makes it something to be desired by puppies.  It is also grain-free and does not contain any artificial colorings or preservatives. It is also made extra nutritious by its veggies and fruits which aim to enhance a healthy lifestyle in your large breed puppy.

  • The main ingredient is chicken.
  • It is manufactured with high-grade ingredients.
  • It may be a little expensive

6. Nutro max natural puppy dry dog food – Best Large Breed Puppy Food 

Best Large Breed Puppy FoodIf you are still looking or searching for a budget-friendly product, then this is the right choice for you. It is a high-quality product that comes at a very affordable and reliable price. This puppy meal can also be hand-made at home by dog owners. It has no traces of any meat by-product, soy, artificial colors, and preservatives. Although at times, a dog may start developing sensitivity to some grains.

Well, this product is the very best for those puppies that have a sensitivity to nuts or grains.

This brand is also well suited for supplementing the special nutritional requirements for growing large breed puppies that are between the ages of 1-12 months. This natural puppy food is made with farm-raised chicken. It also has added vitamins and minerals to provide complete and balanced nutrition in every serving. This dog food will cater to your large breed puppies with all the nutrients contained therein.

  • Chicken (farm-raised) makes for its first ingredient
  • It is made from home-made products.
  • Whole  natural grains were fully added.
  • Its smell can be irritating

7. VICTOR Active dog & puppy grain food

Best Large Breed Puppy FoodThis brand offers large breed puppies with sensitivities a rich, and healthy nutritional diet. Its protein is from different sources, and other essential nutrients well packed, all formulated to improve the overall health condition of your large breed puppies, even if they are allergic. It is made with high quality meats like pork and beef. It also contains fish which is highly recommended for puppies in their formative months. It is also good for dogs with a high requirement of energy. 

In terms of nutrients, you can’t get any less. It has beef as its first ingredient which suggests a high protein content. There are also enough vitamins and minerals. Amino acids and fatty acids are also present. You need to keep your dog going strong with this diet. This product has recently undergone a packaging and slight formulation change. But, please refer to transition instruction whenever transitioning your dog to another formula.

  • It provides sustained energy for your pet.
  • It is thoroughly fortified with essential nutrients.
  • It is grain-free.
  • The price is not stable.

8. Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food

Best Large Breed Puppy FoodThis brand is a portion of high-quality dog food for large breeds made with a large amount of protein, real chicken and natural prebiotic fiber. There are designated formulas for small, medium and large dog breeds for the perfect healthy diet. The ingredients include high-quality protein from real chicken but also plenty of omegas 3 and 6, fatty acids, and glucosamine that strengthens their joints.

More often than not, dog joint nutrition supplements are additive, but this large breed puppy food offers this, which is a real benefit over competitors. In this brand, there is a 26% crude protein and 12% crude fat, which is ideal for a dog looking to gain mass and muscles. I strongly recommend this dog food for a dog that is only slightly underweight to maintain a balanced diet but high protein intake.

  • It is made with high-quality protein.
  • Natural prebiotic fiber is present.
  • Omega 3 fatty acid and glucosamine is present to support joint health and mobility.
  • Usage isn’t specified.
  • It has only one shape

9. Wellness Simple Natural Ingredient Dog Food

Best Large Breed Puppy FoodThough this dog food is limited in terms of the nutrients it contains, it is free of the common irrigation associated with large breed puppies. The first ingredient is fish which suggests a high content of protein. There is nothing like a fear for stomach irritations which may be evident in the form of vomit or diarrhea. No matter how sensitive your large breed puppy is, the food is just what they need to build a great immune system and strong bones.

Several variants and sizes of wellness simple foods are available meaning that even picky dogs should find something they have an interest in. The variants are duck and oatmeal, salmon and potatoes and turkey with potatoes. Each variant contains just a single protein, no gluten or wheat, and only natural ingredients. This brand is highly recommended for your large breed puppy.

  • There are several flavors to appeal to all dogs.
  • There is no gluten or wheat.
  • It is made with only natural ingredients.
  • It is expensive
  • The usage isn’t specified.

10. Holistic select natural puppy food 

Best Large Breed Puppy FoodThis natural puppy food was specifically made for large breed puppies. The kibbles are large which makes digestion easier since it uses lamb and DHA. It helps them grow fast, and in a balanced way. About the ingredients, you can be sure you are getting the best.

It comes packed with enzymes, natural fibers, probiotics, and botanicals. Surely, this will be a good choice for your large breed puppy. This brand is full of the best ingredients which are all-natural.

Care was taken to avoid wheat, soy, and other artificial preservatives and colorings. It is also made up of the finest natural ingredients like fruits, veggies, and healthy proteins to support digestion. This recipe also contains pre & probiotics, natural fiber, digestive enzymes, and digestive botanicals to promote full-body health, starting from within. This brand is fully recommended for your pooch.

  • It is full of natural ingredients.
  • Made of large kibbles
  • Real lamb as major ingredient
  • puppies may get tired of eating it soon enough   

Buying guide for Large Puppies Food

Should large breed puppies be fed wet or dry puppy food?

As you may have known, there is dry large breed puppy food, while there are wet or canned large breed puppy food. Almost every time, you will be faced with the decision of which of them to buy for your little adorable large breed puppies. Or are you expecting to hear which is better? Well, you are still the one to make that decision.

One thing we will do for you helps you understand the advantages as well as the disadvantages of each. When you have full knowledge of what both contains, you will be better equipped to decide which is best for your dog. Also, remember that your puppy’s size and age may also play a role in what you decide to feed them.

Best Large Breed Puppy Food

Wet Large Breed puppy food 

Large breed puppies are more likely to prefer wet food because they taste better and naturally have a more palatable smell. Even the poops will not smell awful. The distribution of nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fats are almost accurate considering the digestive tract of your large breed puppy. Since wet foods are canned, they contain about 80 percent of moisture which means only 20 percent of the can contains real animal goodness.

Apart from that, it can mess up your floor, can be expensive, and may contain some animal derivatives. You can’t buy it in bulk as it can get spoilt if the can is not consumed in one or two meals.

Dry large breed puppy food

When you talk about value for money, where your dog eats more food, this is your choice. You can buy it in bulk and keep at home for as long as you want. Also, you can trim the quantity of it that you feed your dog. Even though the distribution of nutrients may not be measured, some dry dog foods have been shown to contain more nutrients than wet food.

It may however not be as appealing to dogs as the wet food. Still, it has a great taste that dogs love. You can buy them and transport them easily anywhere you want.

Is Combination Diet Good For Large breed puppies?

This is a type of diet that involves the feeding of dogs both wet and dry foods. Some also include giving some raw foods and meats to dogs to consume, while some others mix it up with home-cooked human foods. While these have been the practice of some for years, the question remains if it should be that way. You sure want your large breed puppies to grow up to be very adorable dogs that are healthy and happy. What you feed them then should be of utmost importance to you.

When it comes to giving your large breed puppies human food, you should keep in mind that the human digestive system is way different from a dog’s digestive system. It also means that the way a human will digest some food particles is quite different from the way a dog may digest the same. Let us take fats as an example.

Studies have shown that it takes a much longer time for puppies to digest fats even though it may take a human about 3-4 hours to digest. It shows that it be in the best interest of the large breed puppy if you refrain from feeding them human cooked food. If at all you want to try it, it should be a once in a while.

What about wet and dry food combinations for your large breed puppy? Well, if you are sure you can measure their intake adequately, it is fine. It adds to their taste and nutrients. However, since it may be difficult to measure accurately, it always comes with the risk of overfeeding your puppy.

Essential Flavors in Large breed puppy food

Every large breed puppy food in the market comes with a specific flavor; either you are dealing with a wet or dry puppy food. However, you should consider some factors before deciding which is best for your dogs, especially large breed puppies.

The three major things you need to consider when choosing the best flavor for your dog are

  • Your large breed puppy taste
  • The nutritional benefits
  • How easy it can be digested

Summarizing the three points above, you should carefully choose a flavor that is healthy and that your large breed puppy will like, which will not cause them any digestive troubles. Consider the choice of many: Chicken. These are easily digestible by puppies; and even if a puppy has some stomach issues before eating it, they most likely will get better. Also, fish flavors are known to provide large breed puppies with Omega 6 and Omega 3, vital nutrients for puppies.

Large breed dogs are special, and in case you want to know more about their nutrition, why not watch the video below


Buying food for your large breed puppies may look like an easy thing, but if not taken seriously, your choice can either encourage good health or be detrimental to their health. Puppies are known to grow faster within the first 5 months, but when they are not fed well, you may start noticing signs of stunted growth in them. When faced with a decision of what to feed them, it is better to get professional advice rather than listening to people who are just interested in promoting certain erroneous ideology.

Apart from that, there are lots of dog foods in the market and searching for them without something specific in mind can be very frustrating. Worse still, you can harm your dog even with the best of intentions when you buy what may not suit them. The review has furnished you with all the information you need so you can buy the best large breed puppy food. You have also been enlightened with the well-researched buying guide to help you give your puppies the best nutrition.

Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Large Breed Puppy Food in 2019

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