Complete Guide: 11 Best Flea Medicine for Dogs Reviewed 2019

Complete Guide: 11 Best Flea Medicine for Dogs Reviewed 2019

As dog owner, flea infestation is one of the worst fears you may experience. They are dangerous not only for your dog but for you too! Those little invaders can jump from your dog’s fur to your skin or anywhere in your house, which is another big fear of dog owners. For that reason, you must have the best flea medicine for dogs.

Fleas are small blood-sucking insects that feed on mammals. They jump from one host to another and lay eggs in the process. Fleas can give your dog several skin infections, transfer tapeworms and makes your dog irritated and causes them to scratch themselves resulting in redness, allergies like Flea Allergic Dermatitis (FAD) and hair loss.

If you notice a tiny brown dots in your dog’s hair, you immediately need to get a Flea medicine. Thanks to technology, there are various chemicals you can use to get rid of these parasites. There are collars, drops, and shampoos that help your canine get rid of these small insects. 

Since flea treatments are coming out of every corner these days; we have compiled a thoroughly researched list of the Best Flea Medicine for Dogs – 10 of these to be exact and a buying guide to help you. 

Our Top Pick

Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea, Tick and Mosquito Prevention

Reasons why we have recommended this as our number one recommendation:

Best Over the Counter Flea Medicine For DogsKey Features

  • Kills fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes through contact.
  • Easy to apply.
  • 1 application kills insects for up to 30 days.

A Glance

This vet-approved formula kills any type of ectoparasites that might inhabit your dog’s fur. It not only kills but also repels further infestation from happening. Imidacloprid, permethrin, and pyriproxyfen are the major ingredients used in this topical solution. These chemicals spread over your dog’s fur, providing them effective protection against any type of insect from biting your beloved canine.

It is easy to apply and starts working within a period of 24-hours, leaving your dog irritation-free, fragrance-free and most importantly flea-free.

11 Best Flea Medicine for Dogs with Reviews

1. Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea Prevention – Best Over the Counter Flea Medicine For Dogs

Best Over the Counter Flea Medicine For DogsBayer K9 Advantix II prevention is especially for oversized dogs weighing up to or above 55 lbs. It comes in a newer, finer packaging that has the same formula as before containing the essential imidacloprid, permethrin, and pyriproxyfen which effectively and swiftly removes fleas and other parasites from your cuddle partner.

The packaging contains 4 one month applications of the topical solution. Vets highly recommend it due to the obvious fact that it does a flawless job in killing and repelling the annoying little pests. After applying the liquid to your dog’s skin, it starts working after 12 hours and a single dose does its work for an entire month! How amazing is that?

The topical liquid solution doesn’t let the parasites bite your pet and kills them on contact. Not only that, it destroys and eliminates all life stages of flea and ticks that have taken residence in your dog’s soft fur.

  • Waterproof.
  • It can withstand sunlight.
  • Has no smell.
  • Gentle for dog’s skin.
  • Can burn the skin of dogs that weigh below 55 lbs.
  • Dogs get lethargic after application.
  • May not work on all types of fleas.

2. Seresto Flea Prevention – Best Flea Medicine for Small Dogs.

Best Flea Medicine for Small Dogs.Seresto presents you with an innovative solution to flea infestation prevention. It offers a collar for dogs up to 18 lbs that has a consecutive 8-month course. It kills and repels all fleas and ticks your pooch might have. The collar rereleases active ingredients like imidacloprid and flumethrin that are slowly distributed all over your dog’s body, even on the tail!

It releases the chemicals in low concentration so you don’t have to worry about overdosing. Moreover, it protects your dog from sarcoptic mange, a contagious skin disease found in dogs, and eliminates lice from their fur.

It is easy to apply –all you have to do is put the collar around your canine’s neck and let the collar do the rest of the work. The collar is water-resistant and won’t be defective even if you shower your dog with it. Can it get easier than this? Not for us!

  • Odorless.
  • Non-greasy collar.
  • Effective, low-maintenance, and long-lasting.
  • Continuous release coverage.
  • Can cause allergic reactions.
  • Works mostly for single-layered dogs.
  • The collar comes off easily.

3. Frontline Plus Flea Treatment – Best Flea Medicine for Large Dogs

Best Flea Medicine for Large DogsFRONTLINE Plus provides a waterproof flea and tick treatment plan for your beloved pet. It is assigned to dogs weighing from 45 lbs to 88 lbs. It not only kills the fleas that already inhabit your dog’s fur, but it also kills and eradicates all the flea eggs and larvae that exist in the fur as well. Moreover, it blocks further infestation from occurring.

Fipronil and (S)-methoprene are the two main killing agents used in the constituents of this product. They ensure that your dog is free from fleas and ticks. It is stored in the dog’s oil glands to provide them with non-stop protection against the insects.

  • Fast action.
  • Breaks the flea life cycle completely.
  • Prevents further flea stages from developing.
  • 1 dose works for one month.
  • Not long-lasting.
  • Can cause skin irritation.
  • Isn’t effective for all flea types.

4. Adams’ Plus Flea Shampoo with Precor for Dogs

Best Flea Medicine for DogsAdams Plus 12 oz shampoo is for dogs with sensitive skin and promises to kill all stages of fleas and ticks effectively and quickly. It is a lathering shampoo that contains Precor, oatmeal, coconut extract, lanolin, and aloe. Moreover, it consists of an Insect Growth Regulator (IRG) which provides a 28-day control and prevention against young-stage fleas. It is safe to be used on all dogs older than 12 weeks. It generally claims to work consecutively and effectively for 3-4 weeks.

It embraces a great pleasant smell that you won’t get irritations. Furthermore, this shampoo ward off flea infection for one month that may be growing in your lawn’s bushes or grass, hiding under the sofa, carpet, or pet bedding as well as breaks the life cycle of flea reproduction. 

  • Fresh scent.
  • Enriched with proteins that help in dog’s grooming ability.
  • Contains an easy dispensing pump.
  • Keeps coat clean, fresh and shiny.
  • Possibility of allergic reactions.
  • Can be ineffective for some flea types.
  • Probability of irritation and itchiness after application.

5. Bayer Flea Treatment – Best Prescription Flea Medicine for Dogs

Best Prescription Flea Medicine for DogsBayer Animal Health provides a topical flea treatment for your adorable little walking buddy. It’s suggested to be used on dogs that weigh around 3-10 lbs. The new packaging contains 4 one month applications of Bayer Advantage II prevention formula.

The fleas won’t even come close to your mutt because this product promises to kill them on contacts. This means the tiny invaders won’t be able to bite your dog thus you also get a happier, playful dog with an irritation-free skin.

It starts working within 12 hours of application and protects our pooch from infestations for a month. It is highly recommended by the vets to effectively get your dog rid of these insects.

  • Kills fleas of different life stages.
  • Specifically designed for dogs.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Waterproof.
  • Can cause moderate eye irritation.
  • Possibility of skin irritation.
  • Chance of Gastrointestinal issues.

6. Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment – Best chewable flea medicine for dogs

Best chewable flea medicine for dogsIf none of the flea prevention shampoos and drops is working anymore for you and you’re in the market for a new, effective solution, you can stop your search now.

Ecolife Animal Health has made oral tablets to kill the parasites residing in your dog’s fur. It starts working within the first 30 minutes after administration. It can be used for dogs and puppies that weigh over 2 lbs and have an age of 4 weeks or older. It is one of the best chewable flea medicine for dogs.

CAPSTAR has been proven to kill 90% of adult parasites within 4 hours of application. The active ingredients that play the major part in killing fleas are Nitenpyram which is an insecticide. It disturbs the nerve transmission in fleas and thus, kills them instantly.

  • East oral delivery.
  • Effective ease in 1 dose.
  • Fast-acting treatment.
  • Economical.
  • Causes hyperactivity and nervousness in some dogs.
  • Can initiate gastrointestinal effects.
  • Probability of skin reactions.

7. HerbalVet Dog Flea Treatment – Best natural flea medicine for dogs

Best natural flea medicine for dogsHerbal Vet has introduced a collar for flea and Tick treatment and prevention for dogs and puppies 10 weeks of age or older. It is a veterinarian recommended and lab-tested product that does not only kill and repel fleas and ticks but it also kills all of the other types of parasites (lice, mites, and all types of larvae) that reside in your pooch’s hair.

It is a non-greasy collar that is very easy to use, does not have any distinct smell and a single collar can protect for up to two-thirds of a year.

Moreover, the ingredients used in the product are 100%, completely natural which means it will cause minimal side effects or allergic reactions on your dog.

  • One Size Fits All.
  • 100% Natural Oils.
  • Waterproof.
  • 8 months of protection.
  • Collar falls off.
  • Some reviewers claim the smell is overwhelming.
  • Your canine might not like the smell.

8. Adams Flea and Tick Spray 

 Best Flea Medicine for DogsAdams Flea and Tick Spray kill flea eggs, adult fleas, flea larvae, and ticks off dogs 10 weeks old or above. The spray breaks the life cycle of a flea thus reducing the chances of a re-infestation immensely. One application can last as long as 2 months.

It has three main ingredients; (S)-Methoprene, Etofenprox, and Piperonyl Butoxide that aggressively eliminate fleas and ticks from your mutt’s soft, fluffy fur.

Furthermore, it comes with a convenient snap-tip applicator that aids you in applying the medicine to your dog’s skin.

  • Fast-action.
  • Recommended by vets.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has a strong smell.
  • Can be ineffective to some types of fleas.
  • Can cause allergic reactions.

9. Fedciory Flea Prevention Collar for Dogs

Best Flea Medicine for Dogs Fedciory’s Flea prevention initiative is a grey collar that repels and kills the ectoparasites that reside in your dog’s fur for the entirety of 8 months.

It is an effective and safe to use product that has instilled essential oils for insect-repelling in the collar. These oils are slowly released all over your canine’s body in low concentrations from time to time.

The collar is 25 inches/ 65 cm long that does not require a pest to bite your dog’s skin to poison it but rather kills it on contact. Furthermore, it is an anti-allergenic product made with 100% natural ingredients to ensure your dog remains healthy while wearing the collar and all the while the said collar protects them from the parasites.

  • Waterproof.
  • Adjustable size.
  • No grease.
  • No chemicals hazards, pesticides or toxic ingredients.
  • Can be futile in cases of some flea infestation.
  • Has an odor.
  • The collar keeps loosening.

10. CrossBlock II Flea Preventative – Best Cheap Flea Medicine for Dogs

Best Cheap Flea Medicine for DogsWIM has introduced CrossBlock II flea and tick prevention for dogs and puppies weighing over 55 lbs and is 7 weeks or older of age. Each pack contains 3 monthly doses, each of which provides a month worth of protection against fleas.

The major ingredients in this topical flea treatment are imidacloprid and pyriproxyfen which ensure that not even a single flea is sucking you mutt’s blood. It is easy to apply and comes with individual dose applicators. 

Not to mention, this product does not work for ticks. However, for flea elimination, it works like magic even in the extremely hot season. Flea allergy is a terrible issue in your house, so save yourself from this issue and paying huge amount for premium flea medicine to your vets by purchasing this flea treatment.

  • Waterproof.
  • Kills fleas effectively.
  • Breaks the life cycle of fleas.
  • Economical.
  • Causes itchiness for some dogs.
  • Not effective for all types of fleas.
  • Possibility of skin allergic reaction.

11. Sentry Capguard (Nitenpyram) Flea Control Medication – Best Oral Flea Medicine For Dogs

Best Oral Flea Medicine For DogsIf you would like to permanently get rid of fleas swiftly with the Cap Guard flea control medications. Take the irritation of flea infections as the top-notch quality ingredients; Nitenpyram is used in this product.

The Cap Guard is one of the best oral flea control medications that are available over-the-counter to users. This easy-to-dose tablet starts working in less than half an hour. It cuts out the chaos and offers exactly what you are you looking for: slays fleas quickly!

Give this hassle-free and effective product a must-try! It is available for dogs that are over 25 pounds. However, note that this is not a preventative product and works for once only.

  • Treat Flea with just one tablet
  • Contains, Veterinarian Recommended
  • Swift acting, begins doing work in less than half an hour
  • Kills Grown Fleas on your dog
  • Easy-To-Dose tablets
  • It kills the fleas only one time. It is not a permanent preventative.

Buying Guide: Updated Aug 2019

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind while buying a Flea prevention treatment for your little poodle. It’s important to choose the right one before your pet’s health is on the line. So it’s essential to make the right decision.

Best Flea Medicine for Dogs

To help you buy the perfect medicine for your dog, we have compiled a list of all the salient factors you need to look for in a Flea Medicine.

1. Type of Flea Medicine:

There are a variety of Flea treatments out in the world. You can opt for a collar or shampoos, pills, sprays or topical medications.

Collars are a lot less messy. You just need to put the collar around the dog’s neck and let it do the rest of the job. Usually, collars last for a long time and spread active killing agent over the entire body to eradicate the infestation. It’s preferable for single coat dogs.

Shampoos can effectively remove fleas, ticks, and lice but there is a probability that the fleas can return.

Pills or oral tablets are effective and they disengage the nervous system of the pesticides but they can have relative effects on your pet too.

Sprays are an easy application, inexpensive, and prove to be effective in killing fleas. The effectiveness can vary depending on the product.

Topical medications are applied straight to the dog’s fur using an applicator. They do kill fleas and are resistant to sunlight and water. They prove to be effectual and can last months!

2. Effectiveness of the Medicine:

No matter what type of treatment you end up choosing for your dog, be sure to check its effectiveness. Different products have different effectiveness. Some products like the Seressto Collar can remove fleas and protect your pooch for 8 months. While shampoos need to be used once a month to prevent and control the flea overspread. Topical treatments can last from weeks to months, depending on the product.

3. The Concentration of Fleas:

If your dog has a high concentration of fleas, you’ll need a powerful enough agent that destroys all of the fleas and furthermore, their larvae and eggs to reduce infestation and also to prevent re-infestation.

4. Side Effects:

Since you are killing an insect; the product does have some strong killing agents. These agents need to be strong enough to kill the pesticides and not have them return. This means it will cause some side effects to your mutt. They can become lethargic, get skin allergies, have digestive issues and can even die. So, extensively read the reviews and ask your vet for an opinion.

5. Weight and Age of Your Dog:

You need to weigh your canine and select a flea prevention solution that is suitable for their age and weight. Flea medicines have dosages according to a dog’s weight and age. So, do not try to guess your mutt’s weight. Use a weighing machine to weigh them.

Secondly, do not select a product and wrong dosage just because it is inexpensive. Two situations can occur; One, you end up with a product that has insufficient dosage to treat your dog’s flea problem or, two, you end up with a product that has a very high dosage and causes serious side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do Flea Medicines work?
That depends on the type of treatment you chose. Some products start working within 30 minutes or 12 hours after the application while others can take up to three days to start working. So be patient. It takes time for them to start working.

Secondly, choosing the right type of flea medicine will determine its functionality. It is the core factor that would imply the effectiveness of the product.

For more information, please watch this video:

How long after the application can I wash my dog?
Most individuals prefer to shower their dog at least 48 hours after the dosage has been given. This usually implies for topical treatments.

Though, whether you chose an oral treatment or a collar, check the instructions to see what the time they have suggested.

How long does it take for the fleas to die after application?
That depends on the effectiveness of your product. Some products kill all of the fleas, ticks, mites, and lice within 10 minutes while others can take 32-48 hours.

You can check the packaging to see what they have said.

Can you use flea prevention treatment used for a dog on a cat?
No, you cannot. Flea Medicines contain different ingredients in different concentrations for different animals. Cats are relatively more sensitive than dogs.

There is an abundant variety of cat flea treatments on the internet that you can choose from.

Can I pet my dog after spraying my dog or after a dosage of topical treatment?
Not until the liquid dries off. The flea medicines contain pesticides and other killing agents that can be harmful to you.

So wait until your dog dries off to pet them. If you do get a bit of liquid on your hands, wash it off immediately.

You’re ready to buy!

Fleas can cause a nuisance for both you and your pet. Eradicating their existence is essential for your canine’s health and also, your own. Consult your vet before choosing any type of treatment plan. They will explain to you what type and dosage are ideal for your pet’s health. Never choose a product without seeking your doctor’s advice.

Watch your dog carefully after using the medicine for the first time, notice if they have some adverse effects. If so, take your pet to the vet immediately and find another product. Lastly, we hope this article has been useful to you and aid you in finding a suitable Flea Medicine for your adorable four-legged partner.

Complete Guide: 11 Best Flea Medicine for Dogs Reviewed 2019

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