10 Best Dog Food for Small Dogs Buyer’s Guide – Updated 2019

10 Best Dog Food for Small Dogs Buyer’s Guide – Updated 2019

You may have been wondering what the best food for your small dog is. Well, you might be surprised that a definite answer is never going to be forthcoming. The size and breed of your small dog will determine which food you will serve. Small dogs like the Chihuahuas are adorable, and sharing a home with them is an awesome privilege. Small dogs are easy to transport from one place to another. They are also among the most loyal types of dogs. Little wonder why you should endeavor to read this review of the best dog food for small dogs.

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We owe them nothing more than a healthy, nutritious meal. Where can you get such food? What should you look out for when buying their food? How can you be sure that you’ve gotten the best brand? Well, to get answers to these thrilling questions, you only need to read this review further. Therein, you will find the best food for your small dog. You will also be provided with links to where to get them at an affordable price. Let’s get straight to business.

Our Top Pick

Purina Beneful incrediBites

Best Dog Food for Small DogsKey Features

  • Has real beef and Chicken as first ingredients
  • Soft and crunchy for easy consumption
  • Has about 23 vitamins and minerals

A Glance

Small dogs may not have the best physical, intimidating appearance but one thing is that they to need energy.  They will need this for the day to day running around that a small dog is known by. This dog food has real beef as its first ingredient (even though it has a chicken alternative) which is sure to supply them with the protein supplement that they so much need. It also comes with vital healthy grains, barley, peas, and carrots.

This is also the top-ranked because it is very crunchy and soft textured for your small dogs. It is very easy to consume for them. The best quality isn’t always the most expensive as portrayed by this dog food. It comes with some 23 vitamins and minerals and it is very much affordable for those on a tight budget.

10 best dog food for small dogs with reviews

1. Nutro Ultra dry dog food – Best dry dog food for small dogs

Best dry dog food for small dogsSmall dogs are different in personalities, but one thing is common to all of them: their nutritional requirements. This dry dog food is meant to cater to that adequately. Since small dogs need a lot of proteins and carbohydrates, this food’s first and second ingredients is going to supply those important nutrients. The protein is gotten from its 3 lean animal protein from salmon, lamb, and chicken to ensure its richness in protein.

What is more? The dog food is small textured which makes it crunchy and easy to chew and digest for them. It also has a very delicious taste which makes small dogs fond of this dry food.

Its blends are super-premium with a lot of health benefits for your small dogs. It contains strong antioxidants in the form of carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, and pomegranate. It will also boost your dog’s immune system with its other vitamins and minerals which comes in just the right quantity for your canine companions. With this dry dog food, your small dog’s healthy well-being is never jeopardized.

  • It helps to maintain healthy joints.
  • It promotes strong, lean muscles.
  • It enhances the digestive system.
  • It supports good eyesight and sense of hearing.
  • May cause vomiting in sensitive stomachs.

2. Nutro Puppy wholesome wet food – Best wet dog food for small dogs

Best wet dog food for small dogsOne important thing about this dog food is that it has variants, and these variants are up to 25. Each has about 3 and a half ounces of very tasty wet small dog’s food ready to be served. But I am recommending this Nutro Wholesome for your small dogs because it contains real and natural ingredients such as chicken, oatmeal, and brown rice. There are no artificial colorings, or flavors present in it. There is also no artificial preservatives, which makes it perfect for your small dogs.

It is also not short in terms of the necessary nutrients present. The proteins it offers which is gotten from its chicken ingredient, the soluble fat present in the right amount, omega 6, and other minerals ensure that the growth of your small dogs is the primary purpose of this small dog food. There is no way your small dog won’t love this food. Many customers to are thrilled by the way dogs are excited when fed this delicious wet food.

  • It smells good.
  • It contains natural ingredients.
  • No artificial flavors, colors for preservatives.
  • Not ideal for allergic senior dogs

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3. Hills science diet – Best dog food for small senior dogs

Best dog food for small senior dogsWith age comes frequent fatigue and weakness. The same is true of dogs as they grow into their senior years. If as an owner you are not concerned about their changing health, you just might be feeding them the wrong food which can be detrimental to their health in the form of serious health conditions. If your dog is more than 7 years old, and it’s starting to be picky about the food it takes, Hills science diet has got you covered. You can still maintain their energy level and improve their health even at this stage of their lives.

This meal is rich in great nutrients which are all-natural and can make your senior dogs healthy. Proteins, vitamins, and essential minerals that are beneficial to senior dogs are well formulated in this dog food. You will also be interested in this dog food when you notice that it has no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. It contains only what can make your senior dogs healthy. Top veterinarians prefer this senior dog food as well and that is why we are recommending it too.

  • It is formulated with all-natural but nutritious ingredients.
  • It is tasty and easily digestive.
  • It is complete nourishment for senior dogs.
  • Some dogs produce bad breath after taking this food.

4. Purina ALPO Chop House – Best canned dog food for small dogs

Best canned dog food for small dogsThis dog food is highly recommended because it is very ideal for those on a budget. Apart from the fact that it gives you more food for less cash, the ingredients also provides what your small dog needs: Real chicken or beef. The small dog food has 2 flavors- Bacon and Filet mignon, and top sirloin and Chicken.

As you serve your small dog this food, know that you are inadvertently providing your small dog 23 essential vitamins and minerals per serving. What these do is improve the overall well-being of your dog.

It has real meat and other meat by-products as well as flavors. It will remain very tasty for your small dog as chicken always makes any meal tastes better. Your small dog’s health will improve as you buy this food because it gives about 23 basic nutrients.

  • More protein content
  • It has gravy supplements as its flavor.
  • It is soft textured
  • Customers complain of the can’s appearance

5. Purina Beneful Incredibites – Best soft dog food for small dogs

Best Dog Food for Small DogsWhat small dogs need most is energy. Their metabolism is way faster than their bigger counterparts. That means they eat more and frequently at that. Little wonder why this food is just for them, and with this dog food, they have what they need to skip about for the whole day. This dog food has about 23 minerals and  which is a great boost for digestion and muscles. The texture of this dog food is what makes it the best in this category of soft food. The textures are soft and the kibbles are small- easy for dogs with small mouths to consume.

This Purina brand of dry soft dog food for small dogs food has beef as its top ingredient though it also has another blend that has chicken as its first ingredient. It also has other healthy grains like carrots, peas, barley which are poised to improve the overall health of your small dog.

  • It has 23 different vitamins and minerals.
  • It contains real beef or chicken.
  • It also has a mixture of crunchy and softer bites.
  • It is affordable.
  • There is no known disadvantage

6. Blue wilderness Natures evolutionary diet – Best dog food for small dogs with allergies

Best dog food for small dogs with allergiesSince a dog’s nutrition should be taken very seriously, this brand is popular among small allergic dog owners. There are ingredients that they so much need, while there are ingredients they don’t need at all. That is what this dog food does. It separates ingredients that are beneficial to your allergic small dogs from the ones that are harmful.

The company that produces it has several dog food for each stage and category of dogs. Some of the selling points of this dog food are that it is grain-free and has other natural ingredients that ensure a healthy living for your dogs with allergies.

So what will this dog food do for your dogs with an allergy, or of your dog’s stomach is sensitive? There are rich essential nutrients like proteins(salmon, chicken, Turkey, and whitefish), vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This food is recommended for your small dog because it is sincerely good for your allergic small dog.

  • Absence of grains, corn, wheat, soy artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
  • It is formulated with a healthy alternative.
  •  The price may vary.

7. Diamond Naturals small breed – Best diet dog food for small dogs

Best diet dog food for small dogsSmall dogs need a lot of meat based food. This food has chicken as its first ingredient. Some of the other ingredients include fish, brown rice, potatoes, and some chia seeds. Another reason why you should pick this food for your small dogs is because it contains Probiotics.

What this does is boost the immune system as well as make digestion easy. It doesn’t have any artificial preservatives and colorings as well as corn, soy, wheat or grain. The size of the kibble is small enough and the texture is soft. This is specially made for small dogs. Chewing this dog food is always easy.

It can be stressful moving the jaws and chewing food for a very long period of time. That is why most dogs get tired of eating all too soon. But that isn’t the case with this dog food. Your small dog will really enjoy every bit of its tasty palate. It has its lamb and rice variant and it is well formulated to give your small dogs the exact nutrients they need.

  • There are no corn
  • Chicken is the first ingredient
  • Probiotics aids  easy digestion.
  • Some dogs with food allergies had a bad reaction.

8. Instinct original grains free – Best cheap dog food for small dogs

Best cheap dog food for small dogsGenerally, when people hear about cheap products in the market, they always believe the quality will be below average. But that is not always the case. This dog food is one such product. As a dog owner, you sure want your small dog to grow healthy and stay active yet you may not be too buoyant financially.

The ingredients in the dog food are entirely natural. So you can trust them. It is the best of all cheap small dog food and it is highly recommended. Customers buying it always leave a good review and you can be sure to get real value for your money.  The ingredients are poised to give your dog very essential minerals and vitamins needed for optimal growth.

Your small dogs will also be sure to get their required protein for a healthy and active life.Since inception, this fog food has been known to give real value in terms of providing the ingredients and offers high quality nutrients to dogs on one hand. On the other hand, they also make this recipe affordable for those on a budget.

  • Presence of all natural ingredients
  • Contains veggies and fruits for vitamins
  • May have a displeasing smell

9. Wellness Core Natural – Best natural dog food for small dogs

Best natural dog food for small dogsOne thing comes readily to mind- all natural ingredients. That is the same way this brand aims to satisfy small dog’s nutritional requirements. The flavors are natural and can really help you keep your small dog healthy and lively.  The food is rich in protein as it has premium turkey as its first ingredient.

It also has a blend of chicken to add more protein. It is a grain-free formula that is meant to improve your small dog’s health.

You can be sure that this dog food contains no meat by-product, corn, soy, and wheat. It also has no artificial preservatives and colorings as well as flavors. It is also a great source of antioxidants, omega fatty acids, Probiotics. It is highly rich in protein, free from gluten and free from grain. This brand is recommended for your small breed dogs that enjoy living.

  • It is a complete and balanced dog diet.
  • It is free of meat by-products.
  • Free from grain.
  • It can cause stomach rashes.

10. Hills science diet sensitive stomach – Best dog food for small dogs with sensitive stomachs

Best dog food for small dogs with sensitive stomachsIt is no secret that Hills science is the most vet recommended dog food brand out there, but when it comes to best sensitive stomach dog food recipes, many dog owners seem to agree as well based on verifiable evidence as well as a personal experience.

A brief look at other reviews shows that dog owners love this brand in the category of sensitive stomach dog food. Someone the things mentioned is that it doesn’t cause any irritations or stomach upset to senior dogs. It has necessary nutrients like protein that is gotten from chicken or salmon. Moderate carbohydrates, omega 3 fatty acids, and other useful vitamins. All these nutrients are needed by senior dogs whether their stomachs are sensitive or not.

Judging from the number of happy customers who rated this brand high, it is definitely a must-try for dogs with overly sensitive  stomachs.

  • Protein source is Chicken
  • Made up of ingredients that are easily digestible.
  • Formulas for puppies and senior dogs are also available.
  • May be expensive

Complete Buying guide (Aug. 2019)

Factors to consider before buying dog food for small dogs

Nutritional requirements

There are nutrients that should be present in a dog’s food. Nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and so on. So, before buying that food, check if the nutrients are itemized on the pack. The nutrient small dog needs the most is protein so make sure protein comes first in the food you are buying.

Since meats are the primary source of proteins for dogs, it will be nice if you buy meat-based food for your small dogs. A meat-based meal is way better than giving them the meat to eat. Whole meats contain water which is reducing the percentage protein they can get from it.

Best Dog Food for Small Dogs


Checking the label will do you much good, but specifically checking the ingredients section is recommended. The sources of the ingredients matters as natural ingredients are always better than chemical ingredients. On some products, you will find labels mentioning that they are free of soy, wheat, grains, and other artificial preservatives.

These are the ones recommended for your dogs. Natural ingredients have more fresh vitamins so you can be sure of a strong immune system for your dogs.


Dogs are like humans; some have a big stature while others have a small stature. Depending on the breed, some dogs are smaller than others. Small dogs are known to have a better digestive system and better metabolism. When they eat, their systems break it down faster and use it up faster.

That automatically means they eat and need food more frequently than the large breeds. Inversely, large breeds of dogs may not eat as often as their smaller counterparts, but they too require a greater intake of nutrients like protein.


Some small dogs have very sensitive stomachs while others don’t. This will affect the choice you make when buying food for them. There are specific dog foods in the market that are meant for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Make sure you read these instructions.

How much food should you feed your small dog

Small dogs need food, but they need it in the right amount. If they are fed too little, they can start developing some nutritional deficiencies which may lead to many complex situations like some health problems like:

  • stunted growth
  • skeletal problems
  • weak joints
  • skin diseases

So, you need to be sure you are feeding them right. To be candid, you can’t easily figure out just the right amount of food for your dog is enough. How much a dog eats is dependent on other factors like :

  • The type of food
  • The size of the small dog’s breed
  • The observed metabolic rate
  • How many times they have been observed to eat
  • How much exercise they get daily.

Most adult dogs are fed twice daily while puppies are fed thrice within the same period. For small dogs that are known to have a faster and better metabolism, you can decide to stick to feeding them three times daily. When you notice any trace of obesity in them, you may want to adjust how much you give them to eat.

Getting the most out of a small dog food

Humans need a measure of physical exercise to refresh them, boost their immune system, and help their body metabolism. To help with this, most small dog owners take their dogs for a walk from time to time. This they do so that their body can better utilize the nutrients in the small dog food they ate.

But how much of these walk do they need? Remember that the younger the dog, the more energetic they are as observed in the amount of time they spend playing.

Some small dog breeds are athletic by nature, which means they have more time to spend walking or skipping about. Also, keep in mind that most dogs can tolerate about 30 minutes of walk daily while some dogs will lie down tired and needing rest in 15 minutes. The key is a good understanding of your dog. The amount of exercise your dog gets also depends on how much time you have as the dog owner. If you don’t make out time to walk them they probably won’t get that walk.

Once in a while, you need to walk them. It makes them feel alive; they are happier and healthier.

After eating, small dogs need time to exercise for their body to utilize the nutrients in their food better. Take into consideration the dog’s age, breed, tolerance level, and your circumstances, and give them that walk they so desire.


Remember that your small dog’s breed and size can sometimes determine the type of food you give them. This is because nutritional needs might differ from one dog to another. Also, what you want as a dog owner might differ from what another dog owner wants. But relax; we have taken care of all those for you. In this review, you have seen the best pick from one category of a small dog to another. So, you don’t have to start going from store to store searching for the best dog food for small dogs.

If you feed your dog right, you will notice how healthy they grow, and will also save you the stress of spending so much on caring for their ailments so frequently. You will also extend their lives as a healthy dog makes for a happy and sharp dog. They will stay happy and loyal to you.  Just one word of caution: if you don’t want to risk upsetting your small dog’s stomach, consider switching their food gradually just in case you won’t change their food.

10 Best Dog Food for Small Dogs Buyer's Guide - Updated 2019

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