Top 12 Best Dog Food for Puppies – Reviewed 2019

Top 12 Best Dog Food for Puppies – Reviewed 2019

For normal growth, a puppy should be fed strictly with breast milk. But at some point, you should introduce solid food because they won’t get all the calories and other nutrients from their mother’s breast alone. Sometimes around the sixth or seventh week, they are weaned and the responsibility of feeding them now rests solely with you. I’m sure you will want to give them the best kinds of food just so they can be very healthy. That is why what you need is this review on the best dog food for puppies.

You can expect that their teeth are still in their formative stages and may not be able to chew chunks as meals. What you need is to select the best quality food for your puppy. They need calcium for strong bones and teeth, protein for their growth, and carbohydrates to supplement their calorie requirements. You can’t just plunge into the market without a good knowledge of what food to buy.

Remember that a qualified veterinary Doctor is in a better position to recommend such. Also, we recognize that searching which is the best product and brand can be tough. Hence we are giving you a well-researched review of the best dog food for puppies.

Our Top Pick


best dog food for great Dane puppiesKey Features

  • Best for puppy’s rapid growth
  • Soft texture for easy consumption
  • Absence of preservatives

A Glance

Now let us break it down and tell you why this is a favorite pick. When your puppies are weaned, they will eat about three times daily. And in five months, they should grow as they could if fed properly. They need a type of nutrition that provides lots of protein and calories.

That being said, NomNomNow has chicken as its first ingredients which will provide the needed protein and a moderate percentage of carbohydrates for the calories they need.

It delivers a restaurant-grade ingredient that takes into consideration your puppy’s age, size, and weight. With it, your puppy is bound to develop strong bones, joints, and lean muscles. It is also formulated to prevent weight gain in your puppy. You can choose from chicken, beef, or pork.

12 best dog food for puppies with reviews

1. Solimo ultra-premium – Best dog food for German shepherd Puppies

Best dog food for German shepherd PuppiesThis brand provides not just a high-quality dog food but it also gives the right amount of nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It is environmentally friendly- promoting a cleaner and greener environment. It has chicken and sweet potatoes as its major ingredients. Checking the ingredient’s listing, there no artificial preservatives and colorings as well as flavors.

It also contains no corn, wheat or soy. The price is suitable for those on a budget and it is very rich in vitamins and other essential minerals.

The chicken and sweet potatoes in it are very high. It also provides a high-quality protein to maintain muscle mass and strength in large dogs. Sincerely this brand of large dog food is good for your pets.

Basically, your German Shepherd puppies need this food because its ingredients will contribute much to its development, energy level, and boost its immune system.

  • It has an optimal level of calcium.
  • Promotes strong bones and teeth for puppies.
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Quite expensive

2. Taste of the wild canine formula – Best dog food for lab puppies

Best dog food for lab puppiesIt comes as a high quality dog food at an affordable price. As the name suggests, when your lab puppies eat this, it is like enjoying all that natural food in the wild. Something great about this dog food is that the company uses fermented food products which are proven by countless research to be beneficial by canines.

The ingredients are well fermented in such a way that it will trace the intestinal tract to eliminate all unwanted gasses. The effect of this is that it boosts the dog’s health as well as its immune system.

As a result of this, your precious labs can stay happy and healthy. The taste of the wild dog food is made in different flavors and formulas- all made from natural ingredients. When it comes to essential nutrients, the dog food offers the best It can. Proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats are well embedded in their ingredients.

Taste of the wild assures your lab puppy’s food is safe and healthy. I can say that it is one of the favorites among pet owners for its premium high-quality ingredients.

  • Its ingredients are fermented to get rid of gasses.
  • All natural preservatives
  • In May of 2012, all Diamond products were recalled after a salmonella outbreak in South Carolina.

3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness – Best dog food for large breed puppies

Best dog food for large breed puppiesThis dog food is rich in protein which makes it ideal for your large breed puppies. Two elements present are calcium and phosphorus, which helps to build strong bones. These bones helps to carry the weight of large breed puppies. DHA that is also present in this wet dog food is well formulated to hell with a healthy development of the brain.

It also has high-quality protein from chicken that helps to build lean muscles.  It has various ingredients like cranberries, blueberries, and blackberries that works to improve the state of your dog’s immune system. With a strong immune system, your large breed puppy can fight off any health issues common to large breed puppies. 

It is a great source of calcium and phosphorous which helps with strong bones that puppies need during their formative years. It has a combination of sweet potatoes and normal potatoes which provides them with  healthy carbohydrates. The presence of carrots and an ingredient supports its richness in antioxidants. This brand is good for your large breed puppy.

  • Presence of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Entirely grain-free 
  • Sensitive stomachs may be allergic to it

4. Wellness complete health – Best wet dog food for puppies

Best wet dog food for puppiesThis wet dog food has turkey as the first ingredient. Remember that turkey has natural amino acids which is very much needed to maintain the health of your puppy. The amino acids present in turkey is about 10. It has barley as one of its ingredients as well. Barley has been known to support a steady blood pressure in puppies.

It also has sweet potatoes that provide gluten-free calories. When you talk about dietary fiber, this wet dog food has got it all covered. They aid digestion and occasionally cleans the digestive system.

It also contains beta-carotene.this is because carrots to is embedded in this wet dog food. It has a moderate concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids. With all the nutrients, the taste is superb and your puppies will enjoy every bowl every time you feed them this wet dog food..

  • It contains DHA which assists cognitive development.
  • Very tasty wet dog meal
  • It is expensive

5. Solid gold – Wee bit with real bison – Best dog food for small breed puppies

Best dog food for small breed puppiesSmall dogs need as much energy and powerful nutrition as their bigger counterparts. They need a delicious meal that supplies all their nutritional needs. With fresh Bison, you can be sure they are getting enough proteins when you buy this dog meal. Also, presence of whole grains also ensures that their vitamin needs are attended to. 

It does not contain any potatoes, and the protein is just moderate for your small breed dogs- never too little, nor never too much. It contains fats and necessarily carbohydrates to give them needed energy to keep them skipping about for the whole day from just one serving. The kibbles are small-sized, easy consumption for your small breed dogs. But don’t let the small size fool you, it is well packed with nutrients. 

All Ingredients are natural, the kibbles are soft, and it is free of artificial preservatives and colorings as well as flavors.

  • It is natural
  • Tiny kibble for easy consumption
  • May be expensive

6. Taste of the wild- Husky Puppy formula – Best dog food for husky puppies

Best dog food for husky puppiesThis dog food is enriched with easily digestible ingredients like veggies, proteins, and other antioxidants. A healthy growth has never been this easy for your husky puppies because all the nutrients they need to attain to maturity is present. Its flavors are Roared Bison and/or smoked salmon flavors.

These add to the delicious taste in the mouth of your puppies. This brand contains no grain formula and that also makes it ideal if your husky puppy is sensitive.

What puppy needs is a lot of protein to aid their rapid growth? This brand supplies just that. They need a lot of energy for skipping about, in this brand you have that as well. What is more? It doesn’t cost much to buy it which makes it suitable if you are on a tight budget.

The taste, high quality ingredients that supplies vitamins and other essential amino acids, its price, and different palatable flavors makes it the best choice for your husky puppies.

  • High-quality ingredients mean less feeding is required.
  • It is rich in easily digestible proteins, vegetables, and antioxidants.
  • Free of any other grain.
  • There have been a few reports of new bags containing moldy food that they have had to return.

7. Nulo puppy with BC30 probiotic and DHA – Best dog food for boxer puppies

Best dog food for boxer puppiesIf your dog will be healthy, you need to care about their health right from when they are puppies. Caring about puppies mean giving attention to their nutrition. This dog food is well formulated with essential nutrients to keep them healthy. It contains real time animal proteins as well as vitamins and other essential minerals.

All these nutrients will help with your puppy’s body growth and healthy shiny coats. Care was also taken not to include wheat, soy, corn, or any other artificial preservatives. There are no extra colorings or flavors. It also contains Probiotics.

The importance of a good dog diet to their fast growth cannot be overemphasized. Consider its DHA content which is gotten from Salmon. It makes their mental alertness top-notch as their brain develops well.

They are easier to train in following simple commands. Also, this fog food contains omega 3 that helps keep their coats healthy. Less tartar accumulation means strong teeth and gums. The presence of calcium helps your puppies develop strong bones and teeth.

Your boxer puppies will enjoy this food as it gives it the needed nutrients to scale through its formative years with ease.

  • It boosts brain development
  • Contains high level of animal-based protein.
  • It may have an Irritating smell

8. Earthborn Holistic – Best Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies to Gain Weight

Best Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies to Gain WeightIf you want your pitbull puppy to gain weight, you will be looking at food that is rich in meat- based proteins. Funny enough, this dog food’s first ingredient is meat- real lean red meat. This will not just make them big overnight, but will help them gradually gain that increased body mass as well as support the development of lean muscles. 

Apart from that, it also contains lamb meal as well as egg-based protein which helps their muscles to grow at a faster rate. It is also rich in amino acids which work to boost their energy levels and overall health. Along with all these comes its great taste which makes this dog food something to be desired by puppies.

Since puppies are more prone to allergies with their supper sensitive stomach, they made sure this dog food if free of potato fillers. So if you want your puppy to gain weight, it is not just about getting it to eat as much as possible. They only need a moderate portion because of its high protein content, still, their big appetite will be satisfied. It is grain-free and a perfect pick for all puppies.

  • It is rich in amino acids.
  • It contains lamb meal and egg protein for muscle growth.


  • It contains  Tapioca, and it may trigger allergies

9. NomNowNow – Best dog food for great Dane puppies

best dog food for great Dane puppiesDane puppies are known to grow fast; so their rapid growth can put some strain on their bones and joints. That is why they need a lot of important nutrients so as to develop strong bones and joints. This dog food contains with all natural ingredients that helps big dogs get the most ingredients from their meal. It had brown rice, chicken, and some essential grains as ingredients so the big dog can get all its required nutrients.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are two essential nutrients for big dogs. They help in the tenacity of their bones and joints. They also help them live a little longer when taken consistently. Those vital nutrients are present in this dog food. It also has various vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and soluble fats that need.

So you should be confident of a great nutritional value and an enhanced immune system when your dog eats the brand.

  • Absence of animal by- products.
  • Encourages good immunity
  • High protein content
  • Not ideal for those on a budget

10. Royal Canin breed health nutrition – Best dog food Yorkie puppies

Best dog food Yorkie puppiesThe best manufacturer of dog food is the one who takes into consideration the nutritional needs of the dogs. That is what this brand aims to do, studying a particular breed and doing what they can to support their well-being. They know Yorkies very well and they made this dog food just for their puppies.

Some Yorkies are known to be picky in what they eat…always sniffing every food before attempting to eat them. Even if your Yorkie puppy is just that, this dog food is what you should buy. Some of its nutrients are omega 3 and omega 6 which are known to give good coats and healthy skin. It also contains biotin which is great for the development and maintenance of good strands of hair.

The taste is also worth mentioning. It has good flavors that make even the pickiest of puppies very interested. Eventually, you will find out that your Yorkie will never remember to sniff before eating. The ingredients are well formulated to improve your puppy’s health and rapid growth. 

There is no risk whatsoever of any dental problems. Normally, when dogs accumulate tartar from their chewing food they start having dental issues. But this dog food has tailored its kibbles to prevent tartar accumulation, thus contributing to your puppy’s dental well-being.   

  • Unique kibble promote good dental health
  • Presence of Biotin enhance shiny coats
  • Great taste for picky eaters
  • Corn is present 

11. Ziwi peak air-dried lamb – Best dog food for French bulldog puppies

Best dog food for French bulldog puppiesFrench building puppies love any farm related nutrition, and that is why this dog food is just for them. What you serve your puppy when you buy this dog food is a high quality farm based nutrition. The ingredients are made to negate any risk of bacteria or any other form of infection for your puppies.

This is done by their use of a simple two-stage air-drying process. The manufacturers are from New Zealand they know all about dogs. 

The two-staged process mentioned above will keep your puppies hydrated since it contains a measure of moisture as compared to other dry kibble alternatives. There is no need to add any preservatives. Also, you can be assured that your puppy is getting the best nutrition because there are no added sugars or glycerides. 

Totally a safe kind of nutrition for your French building puppy. It is also made such that it can be easily digested even though most of its ingredients are raw. It has more meat in form of lambs, and it contributes positively to their entire wellbeing.

  • It has more fresh meat
  • Easily digestible
  • May be expensive

12. Eukanuba Breed Nutrition – Best dog food for golden retriever puppies

Best dog food for golden retriever puppiesStudying golden retriever breeds, you will notice they need lots of energy for them to maintain that optimum health. This dog food has taken that into consideration when thinking of ingredients to be included in this diet. Some of those ingredients are well researched animal proteins and glucosamine.

They work to give your puppies strong but lean muscles. It also contains Chondroitin which strengthens their joints and keeps them ever active. 

Other essential nutrients include DHA that boosts their brain functions and helps them stay ever alert. And it has dome moderate carbohydrates that fuel their energy requirements as well. When you buy this dog food for your Golden retriever puppy, you are in effect giving it a good foundation for a better life.

It is also made to boost great dentition. The kibbles will not allow tartar accumulation. So they will have strong teeth and healthy gums.  The fibers are all-natural, which makes for easy digestion. Even though it offers all these, you can still be sure that your puppy will never be deficient of protein. This is because Chicken is the first ingredient in this dog food. 

  • It fuels your puppy’s energy.
  • High vitamin content.
  • Chicken is the first ingredient.
  • Corn might not be suitable for all puppies

Buying Guide

Types of Dog Food for Puppies

Dog food differs from human food. So, the thought of different sizes and shapes may sound surprising to you. That doesn’t mean however that there are not varieties to dog foods, especially for your puppies. As you go through this buying guide, take into consideration your puppy and its nutritional requirements.

Wet or Canned food

These types of food are loved by dogs because it comes moist most times. For you as a dog owner, you will be thrilled to find out that these types of dog food are easily found in most malls or supermarkets. Even though they can be expensive, they are well formulated with all the nutrients your dog/puppy need like protein which is the foremost.

They may come with some water, and that may mean fewer nutrients. So the best thing you can do if this type of dog food is your choice is to read the label and ascertain that it is 100 percent nutritionally complete.

Dry or Kibble food

For one thing, if you are on a budget, dry food is the choice for you as it comes very cheap. For this reason, most dog owners go for it instead of the ‘wet’ alternative. Apart from that, you don’t need to be refrigerating it every time and it can last longer without refrigeration.

It can also be advantageous to your puppy as there will not be any fear of a tartar buildup in its teeth. As dry dog food is crunchy, chewing it will keep the teeth dry. The only point of caution is to make sure to read the label very well so you can ascertain it contains the nutrients you want.

Moist food

These types of food are mostly commercial and are shaped like meaty foods like pork, burgers, or beef. They are fed to dogs too but you should know that these foods are least nutritional for your canine companions. They are garnished with lots of colorings and other artificial flavors as well.

Well, the recommendation is to give them to your dogs once in a while, like a treat, but should never make it a consistent part of the daily meals. They are like eating junk- too much of which can damage the human body.

Raw Food

These are raw meats or veggies, bones and other pieces of stuff you feed your dogs raw. Even though they may be beneficial for some older dogs, you should never give these to your puppies. It will only damage their young intestinal tract. Even when dealing with an adult dog, kindly seek the recommendation of your veterinary Doctor before switching to such meals for them.

Cooked Food

Even though these types of diet gives the owner the ability to control the nutrients in their dog’s meals, they should not be relied upon to adequately sustain your puppies. Before you think of switching to this type of diet, make sure you have a good knowledge of a dog’s nutritional needs.

Best Dog Food for Puppies

Discerning Good and Bad puppy food

The easiest way to distinguish between a good and bad dog food is to simply read the label on the dog food. But you may think that is just too small a task. While you may be right, on the one hand, it is not always that easy, especially if you had no prior knowledge of dog food.

Also, keep in mind that not everything you hear from adverts can be relied on as many manufacturers just want to sell their the same vein, some labels can be misleading too. You just have to be careful. So how can you read the label so that you can know the right food for your puppy/dog?

Let us start with a list of things you should look out for when reading the label on a dog’s food to know the right one to buy.

  • Product name- this lets you know what to expect in the dog meal. If the product has the word ‘chicken’ written on it, that should suggest to you that chicken makes up about 70 percent of the product.
  • Ingredient List- if the pack doesn’t list the ingredients, then it is probably fake
  • The manufacturer’s information- such information may include the name of the manufacturer as well as the address. You can expect to also find the expiry date on it.
  • Intended consumer- It should be spelled out if the food is for dogs or cats.  If it is meant for dogs, then it should also state what types of dogs it is for.
  • Product’s Net Weight- Check the pack for this, it is always  in grams (g) or kilograms (kg)
  • Certification- A relevant body, like the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials), must certify that the product is good for your dog.
  • Feeding Schedule- on the pack of a genuine product, you should find the guidelines for feeding your dog this meal, and in what measure each time you do.
  • Analysis
  • Nutritional precision

If the product you are planning to purchase does not have any of the above-mentioned points on the label, you should know that the product may not be what your dog needs.

FAQ about Puppy Food

When is the best time to wean my puppy from its mother?
Six weeks is good. You can start giving it soft-textured food from this stage on
What are the foremost nutrients required in puppy food?
Proteins should be foremost because they need it for rapid growth. Other nutrients include carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals, and Soluble Fat.
Are cooked foods better for my puppy?
No, what you need is a suitable wet or dry food which has been formulated with the essential nutrients your Puppy needs for rapid growth.
What does the terms ‘a complete and balanced diet’ on the pack of a dog food signify?
It simply shows that the dog food meets the standard set by the regulatory body, which in that case is AAFCO.


Puppies grow very fast in the first five months, and to boost such growth they need highly nutritious foods. The nutrition should also be of the right quantity so they are not deficient in a particular nutrient.  For all of this to happen, your choice of food for them does matter a lot. And what is more? You don’t need to visit a Pet Doctor to start listing what to buy for them.

If you would like to know more about puppy food, why not check out the video link below

This review has provided very useful information about the best food for your puppy’s growth. The best in each category your dog may belong to has been discussed. What to look for before buying a dog food has also proved beneficial to those thinking of buying the best meal for their dog. Let no one deceive you, read this review on the best dog food for puppies and stay professional.

Top 12 Best Dog Food for Puppies - Reviewed 2019

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