Top 10 Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets Reviewed [Aug 2019]

Top 10 Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets Reviewed [Aug 2019]

We show love towards our pets, but what we dislike about them are the stains left behind on carpets from their vomit, urine, muddy paws, etc. However, you don’t need to make hard choices between hard floors and having to live with dirty, smelly carpets, because with the best carpet cleaner for pets, the toughest stains and even the most pungent odors will be removed. 

Therefore, if you’re tired and sick of these carpet stains, or you simply need a scrub for your carpet due to the countless dirt tracked in by your pet, then with this guide, you are sure of getting the best carpet cleaner for pets.

We have taken time to review the best carpet cleaner for pets to help you discover the best, taking note of features such as price, ability to remove a stain, ability to remove odor, quality of ingredients and Amazon customer reviews.

Our Top Pick

TriNova Natural Pet Stain Home Carpet Cleaner

Best Carpet Cleaner for PetsKey Features

  • Professional strength
  • All-natural formula
  • Neutralizes odors and dissolves stains

A Glance

We chose TriNova Natural Pet Stain Best – Home Carpet Cleaner for Pets as our favorite. With additional enzymes to enhance the cleaning power, this carpet cleaner works exceptionally. What makes this product stand out from others is that it is made from 100% natural ingredients, rather it is very effective as cleaners having harsh chemicals.

With this, you don’t have to be worried about your pets’ health or the health of those in your household. Also, with the number of positive reviews from Amazon customers, it’s obvious this carpet cleaner is highly effective.

Top 10 Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets with Reviews

1. Hoover Carpet Cleaner F5914900 – Best Carpet Steam Cleaner for Pets

Best Carpet Steam Cleaner for PetsThe Hoover Carpet Cleaner F5914900 weighs around 20 pounds with dimensions 11.25 x 20 x 44 inches. It also features a 3 speed-brush roll which can be set low for gentle cleaning, high for normal cleaning, and off for spill pick-up. Also, it includes separate tanks for dirty and clean water. This means you can rinse out and empty the dirty tank.

This carpet cleaner has a brush system that keeps spinning in different directions. With this, users will isolate the carpet fibers and easily tell the difference. It also has a hand-held tool that can be used in cleaning upholstery.

  • Has an innovative brush system
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Deep cleaning power
  • Handles cleaning jobs professionally
  • The tank system seems small
  • Not eco-friendly
  • Only sanitizes with added chemicals

2. Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution – Best Spot Carpet Cleaner for Pets

Best Spot Carpet Cleaner for PetsWhen we talk of cleaning pet spots on carpet, then the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Best Spot Carpet Cleaner for Pets is the best.  

This upholstery tool is two-in-one, and with its clean shot penetrated system, the right amount of cleaning solution can be put quickly in the right place. Also, pet odors and hairs are removed you’re your upholstery. It has an 11-inch cleaning path width. 

It also features a pet urine eliminator. If you have this device, then you don’t need to go for any service removing pet odors. Generally, it is the best spot carpet cleaner.

  • Easily maneuvered
  • It operates quietly
  • Has a large capacity
  • Has Extreme power
  • Low maintenance
  • It is user-friendly
  • It wobbles
  • Ideal for small messes
  • Compromised cleaning power

3. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional – Best Portable Carpet Cleaner for Pets

Best Portable Carpet Cleaner for PetsThe Bissell 3624 is our best portable carpet cleaner for pets. At the same time, it has the right amount of movability and power. It has so many great features that help it clean even the tightest spots effectively. It removes the toughest dirt and stains effectively and faster.

Its power, as well as compact size, makes it a great combination for home cleaning chores. It also includes a large storage capacity, which means your home can be cleaned up at once. With its powerful suction, it can clean up home furnishings, rugs, as well as other surfaces.

The general performance of this portable carpet cleaner is contented, absolute, and powerful.

  • Great suction power of 5.7 amps
  • It is very portable
  • Can be easily stored in tight areas
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • The construction of the hose is not too rigid

4. TriNova Natural Pet Stain – Best Home Carpet Cleaner for Pets

Best Carpet Cleaner for PetsThe TriNova Natural Pet Stain Best Home Carpet Cleaner for Pets stands out compared to other carpet cleaners for pets because it was made from 100% natural ingredients, but as effective as cleaners using harsh chemicals. 

With this device, you won’t be worried about the health of your pets or those in the home. The enzymes ensure the cleaning process is carried out speedily, which means you only need one to two minutes to deal with the toughest stains. This pet carpet cleaner both neutralizes odors and removes stains. 

It has a light herbal scent, although most users had no issues with this as this smell was milder compared to that of some products. It weighs 32 ounces and comes at an affordable price.

  • Professional strength
  • All-natural formula
  • Neutralizes odors and dissolves stains
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • The label’s ingredients could be more specific
  • The spray bottle’s straw is very short

5. Bissell Destroyer Pet Plus – Best Carpet Cleaner Spray for Pets

Best Carpet Cleaner Spray for PetsDescribed as either a pre-treating spray or a stain remover, Bissell Destroyer Pet Plus Best Carpet Cleaner Spray for Pets removes stains permanently in 30 seconds. It can effectively remove compounds (mostly organic) which include grass, dirt, blood, mud, and all stains related to pets.

It also helps to remove pet odors which help in preventing the remark of the same areas if your pet is drawn to this area purely on the ascent. Some animals show a preference for one area and out of habit will keep going there.

The manufacturer of the Destroyer Pet Plus “Bissell” is a trusted and well-known name in the floor care industry, and the product comes at a decent price. This is an oxygen-based carpet cleaner and it is very safe for use around pets and kids when used the proper way.

  • Easy to use formula
  • Decent price
  • Can be used for stain removal and to pretreat stains

6. Bissell DeepClean Premier – Best Upright Carpet Cleaner for Pets

Best Upright Carpet Cleaner for PetsStocked with lots of great features, the BISSELL DeepClean Premier Best Upright Carpet Cleaner for pets is a sure winner.

Most carpet cleaners from Bissell consist of six to ten rows of power brushes. But this unique model is composed of twelve rows! This will help you get rid of stains on your carpets no matter how long it has been there.

One great feature of this upright carpet cleaner is that it gets rid of the clumps of pet hair that clogs water tanks. This is one feature most carpet cleaners out there lack.

Also, its HeatWave technology ensures that warm water is supplied constantly throughout the cleaning process. And similar to other Bissell full cleaners operating full scale, for easy maneuvering, this carpet cleaner utilizes a 22-feet cord.

  • It has 12 rows of dual rotating brushes
  • Constant warm water
  • Deep-reach pet stain tool
  • It has a single tank

7. Rug Doctor – Best Small Carpet Cleaner for Pets

Best Small Carpet Cleaner for PetsThe Rug Doctor Best Small Carpet Cleaner for Pets is one of the best for neutralizing odors and cleaning stains on carpets, rugs, upholstery and car interior. It features a handheld oscillating brush that has a suction power that is twice powerful than other carpet cleaners. It easily deals with deep-down stains with ease.

It features a motorized brush technology that revolves around 1200 times every minute. With this, it scrubs deeply without using damaging steam or heat. 

This device is user-friendly and due to its small size, it is easily moved. This device offers extra maneuverability with its foldable handle and carpet-friendly wheels.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easily transported and stored
  • Easy to empty/fill the tank
  • Bigger brush for cleaning wider surface area
  • The bristles are too stiff
  • The hose should be a little longer

8. Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain

Best Carpet Cleaner for PetsThe Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner for Pets is a unique unit that’s different from other carpet cleaners mentioned in this list; it is the only model that is hands-free. However, this device cannot be used for the cleaning of full-length carpets. This budget-friendly carpet cleaner aims to clean stains and spots on your carpet automatically.

This device is automatically controlled –the scrubs, the cleaner sprays, and suctions to yield the best results. Two major settings are included to combat both dry, set-in stains and fresh surface stains.  

It also includes an attachable hose which can be used in cleaning car interiors and upholstery easily. 

  • Handsfree feature that saves your effort and time
  • Excellent while cleaning pile carpets
  • Deals with dirty spots
  • Some users complained about its internal valves, but if there are problems, it is covered by the warranty
  • This model simply removes spots, so it will not work effectively to clean large areas

9. Hoover F7412900 – Best Upright Carpet Cleaner for Pets 

Best Upright Carpet Cleaner for PetsThe Hoover F7412900 Best Upright Carpet Carpet Cleaner for Pets is recommended for homes requiring full-length, regular cleaning. Its widepath Nozzle includes a sixth brush that offers 20% more cleaning action compared to other models having five brushes.

With its 1 gallons of water tank capacity and a long cord of 20 feet, this machine is very affordable and performs well. It has a SmartTanks system that offers separate tanks for dirty and clean water, so you can easily rinse, empty, and fill each tank.

This carpet cleaner also includes an upholstery tool, a SpinScrub powered hand tool, and a Removable Tool Caddy.

  • Great upright design which can be stored almost anywhere
  • Larger than average water tank ensuring longer cleaning sessions
  • It takes some time to master this carpet cleaner
  • You might need to put more muscle into it due to the weight of the water tank when full

10. Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner 

Best Carpet Cleaner for PetsIf you’re searching for a great budget saver as well as an upright carpet cleaner for your pets, then the Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner is a very good option. This carpet cleaner takes less space but performs excellently.

One unique part of this affordable device is that it utilizes HeatForce technology which dries your carpet much faster. This carpet cleaner is also family-friendly and suits many cleaning requirements and different situations. Due to its powerful nature, it can handle different types of carpets: high, medium or low-pile. 

  • Excellent suction power
  • Fewer features that make the device user-friendly
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Short power cord, which will not be convenient if you have a large home
  • Narrow cleaning path measuring 10 inches
  • Low capacity tanks meaning you have to empty or fill them from time to time.

Buying Guide for Carpet Cleaners

Types of Pet Carpet Cleaners  

Not all carpet cleaners for pets work the same way. They are different ways carpet cleaner for pets work. Below are the three ways these pet carpet cleaners will do the job.

Dry Cleaning: This method does not utilize steam or water and is very popular. There are several ways carpets can be dry cleaned such as using foam or special solvents.

Wet Cleaning: This method shares some characteristics with carpet steamers. They utilize hot water mixed with chemicals to clean your carpet’s surface.

Bonnet Cleaning: This method involves spraying a solution on your freshly vacuumed carpet. Then, it is removed using a rotary floor machine. This is the least expensive option.

There are two major types of pet carpet cleaners.

  • Pet Carpet Steamers
  • Pet Carpet Spot Cleaners

Pet Carpet Steamers: These cleaners are probably the most popular pet carpet cleaners out there. They clean your carpet deep using hot water and a cleaning solution. The attached vacuum then gets rid of the dirt and chemicals from your carpet.

Watch this video to learn how to use carpet steamers:

Pet Carpet Spot Cleaners: These carpet cleaners are smaller compared to the portable carpet steam cleaners for pets. They also utilize steam cleaning techniques, but their small size is great for spaces having fewer surface areas and smaller messes. These cleaners are also easier to store compared to the larger ones.

What to Consider before going ahead to buy a Pet Carpet Cleaner

Before going out to purchase a pet carpet cleaner, there are certain things you need to keep in mind: 


If your home is large where your pet can roam around freely, then you should buy a lighter machine that is easier to move around. This lighter device will also save you the stress of going down and up the stairs.


If you need a carpet cleaner that will need to get into tiny spaces, then you should go for one with a canister vacuum. This type can move around easily and are designed to get into corners easily.


The heavier your carpet is, the heavier the product you should choose when we talk of motor power. A very powerful motor will perform well in sucking up heavy materials such as vomit, feces, and mud. Although compact designs are easier and lighter to maneuver, they lack the power their full-sized companions have.


The more dogs you have, the more hair they shed and you’ll need to get rid of it. This case requires a carpet cleaner that has more capacity to meet your needs. Another factor here is how often you plan to clear the garbage bag.


Some carpet cleaners only need just 30 seconds to carry out their functions, whereas some others need to run for 30 minutes before doing the needed work. If speed is one factor you desire, then go for a cleaner with a fast-acting formula.

Stain removal properties

Any pet carpet cleaner you wish to buy must be able to clean! It must be tough on stains from feces, urine, mud, grass, and even blood.

Must-Know Tips All Pet Owners should know 

Below are some tips you should keep in mind before choosing the best carpet cleaner for pets.

  • Carpet cleaners for pets are usually heavy when it is empty and when you fill the tank up, it becomes even heavier
  • Check the hose length, accessories as well as the settings of the device
  • Carpet cleaners for pets are loud
  • Cleaning with this device takes time
  • Place rugs in strategic places
  • Wash and groom your pets

Frequently Asked Questions

What Preparatory steps should I take before cleaning a fresh pet stain with a carpet cleaner?
Although carpet cleaners for pets are powerful, they aren’t magical and some preparations must be put in place before dealing with the stain left behind by your pet. Remember that the carpet cleaner will just refresh and rejuvenate your mess carpet, not to clean and vacuum everything.

The first thing to do is to clean the floor, or you could even vacuum it. This especially should be done by those having extra-hairy pets. Vacuum the excess hair as well as any solid waste. Only after doing this should you then start your cleaning with a carpet cleaner. 

Going through this process, you can be sure of removing the stain 100%, and you’re ensuring the cleaner’s durability.

Should the pet stain be first of all treated with steam?
You should never treat pet stains especially the urine-made, with any type of hot water system. This initial contact will just set the stain deeper into the carpet’s fabric. Rather, the area should be treated with vinegar, before approaching the stain with your carpet cleaner. With the vinegar, odors will be removed easier, and the carpet cleaning process will be handled faster.

Note that some carpet cleaners feature a “hot steam” mode, which is not meant for stains made by pets. Some users find this logical, but you should work with the normal cleaning regimen.

Should I dry out the pet fresh stain first before making use of my carpet cleaner?
This subject seems tricky because owners of pets usually get into a debate anytime the topic comes on. Some of them say it’s best to take off the large chunks and then wait patiently till the surface stain dries out, while some say they follow the right process. However, coming from a different perspective, we have a different answer to this.

We say: this is dependent on the type of stain. If your pet urinates on your carpet, you need to swing into action, soak the liquid and then carpet clean. This is because urine odor stays longer if not treated immediately. In cases of vomiting, you can manage the cleaning process more by waiting a bit. You should get rid of the larger waste parts immediately and then wait for about 30 minutes till the surface stain dries out. By this, the fresh stain won’t be spread onto the surface of your carpet.

Lastly, for mud stains, this has to do with the density. You will have to hurry up if the mud is splashed everywhere. However, if this mud is dense, most of it should be scooped up and then use the delayed approach

What pros & cons come with buying a pet carpet cleaner?

In summary, below are the pros and cons of pet carpet cleaners


  • They are cheaper in the long run compared to both rental and professional cleaning
  • You can choose your cleaning products
  • Ready for use 24/7


  • Must be cleaned after each use
  • Some models are difficult and bulky to store.



As pet parents, in whatever we wish to buy, we always love to choose pet-friendly options, and cleaning devices are not exempted. So you should go through our Top 10 Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets before going ahead to make your purchase. Pet-friendly cleaners are not just well equipped to handle pet hair, but they are also required for specialized cleaning chemicals that can handle stains specific to some pets. 

We hope our review proves very useful and helps you make a very good decision. All these products reviewed above have their pros and cons, but they deserve the spot they occupy in our top 10 best carpet cleaner for pets. They are well-manufactured, durable, and have strong cleaning solutions that can make life healthier, easier and brighter. Going through our buying guide is also very important as it will guide you through the whole process of getting one that’s best for you.

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Top 10 Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets Reviewed [Aug 2019]

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