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meI’m Dr. kyle Allerson. I received my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida in 2001. For 7 seven years, I practiced at the Glenwood Veterinary Clinic, Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I have adopted, fostered, and saved dogs for over 10 years. My love for dogs and concern for their well-being makes me a great dog enthusiast. I am also associated with multiple online publications and most of my work revolves around veterinary science and pet care. I regularly attend Veterinary conferences, seminars, and education programs. I have launched various awareness campaigns to aware people about their pet health’s issues.

Our site provides experts’ advice to help dog owners make an informed decision about their dog’s health, care, and products. Whether you are a new or a veteran dog owner this website is for you and would ease the process of choosing what’s best for you dog. If you have ever tried to collect any kind of information related to your dog’s training, his health, and the products, then you know that there is a lot of confusing and conflicting content out there, which does not help you or your dog. So, that’s where we help you.

What do we do?

Our goal is to provide dog parents around the world with authentic and in-depth information related to any dog care subject. We know you can’t try any new product in the market and need to know if it’s good enough, so we do that for you. We determine a product’s quality and effectiveness and then write our honest review to let you know all about it. We also provide how-to videos and tips to help you groom and take care of your dog.

How we do it?

The research process is done by our experts, which include, dog trainers, veterinarians, writers, and vet technicians. We first pick a product that we want to test, and then the product is thoroughly examined by the veterinarians and dog trainers. They express their views in a sheet and give it a rating from 1-5. Then our experienced writers write an honest review about it and we present it to you. We guarantee that our reviews are unbiased and are the result of thorough research. We are not partners with any of the brands now we take money from them to write reviews for their products.