The Dexter Fund

With the help of all our friends and supporters, Dexter Raised nearly $6,000. He continues his alternative treatments at Hope Vet using Bloodroot. We are happy to report that he continues to improve. His Thyroid Mass’s have been reduced nearly 75% and everyday he eats a little more and improves a little more.

In honor of little Dex we bring you the Dexter Fund. This fund will be used to help rescues with serious medical conditions, but deserve a chance at getting over them. Dexter and Us thank you for all of your big hearts. If you would like to contribute to the Dexter Fund, please go to our donation page. When you make your donation just leave a note that it is for the Dexter Fund.

Dexter Update:

08-18-2012 – It has been nearly 9 months that Dexter has been in the care of Dog Habitat Rescue.  When we were told in November that Dex’s cancer was progressive and that we should expect a rapid decline and that there was nothing we could do, DHR refused to give up. Dex had fight, so we were going to fight with him. We turned to Hope Vet, who began a Bloodroot  Treatment for Dexter’s Thyroid Cancer……3 months later the golf ball size mass in his throat was gone! Having successfully beaten thyroid cancer, we turned to Smith Ridge Vet in South Salem, NY to treat the masses on Dexter’s liver. Using herbal tonic, vitamin C infusions and DMG.   6 months later Dexter’s liver masses have not grown and all his other organs are functioning normally and clear of any bacteria.

As he continues his fight, DHR Founders Rob and Bea have brought him into their home where Dex has 4 other siblings to keep him motivated and happy.

Dexter’s Story

On a cold fall day in New York Animal Care & Control found Dexter roaming around the Bronx. When Bea from Dog Habitat saw him, he was locked behind the cold bars of the facility. Despite his malnourishment he was able to convey to her that he was the one she should take to the no-kill rescue. Dog Habitat routinely visits the ACC and pulls as many dogs as they can for a better chance of permanent placement.
Dexter wagged his skinny tail and looked at Bea with those Doe eyes, which she interpreted as “take me with you…you won’t regret it.”

Dexter currently weighs seven pounds: half the weight he should be. Rather than being placed with the other dogs at the rescue, Bea decided that Dexter needed round-the-clock attention because of his frail condition. During the day she brings Dexter to her retail shop so she can feed him every two hours. He stays in the back room on a fluffy bed with a heated blanket. She brings him home at night and Dexter cuddles on her lap while the family watches television. Bea has three pups of her own and Dexter has become good pals with them. He gets excited to watch them jump and run; he wants to be part of all the action when the dogs start to play.

Other than having a common kennel cough and being underweight the ACC said they weren’t aware of any other problems. The day before Thanksgiving, Dog Habitat brought Dexie to Hope Veterinary to see Dr. Barsky. It turns out Dexter has a big sore in his throat which makes it painful for him to eat. It could be a swollen gland or a foreign object lodged near his throat. X-rays were taken and tests were done, but the findings were inconclusive. That vet visit cost Dog Habitat $400.
Dex was put on a diet of cooked meats including homemade hamburgers, which he loves. His foster family shared their Thanksgiving turkey with Dexter…proving to be one of his favorite meals so far.
A few friends of Dog Habitat have stopped in to meet Dexter and all of them have fallen head over heels for the little guy. He’s been getting visits from people that aren’t even “dog people”! They all say there is something special about this little guy… Maybe it’s the perky, yet floppy ears? Maybe it’s the lashes that fringe those dark lonely eyes? Or maybe it’s the love he expresses by curling up in your arms. Whatever it is, everyone that meets him says his love is contagious. Needless to say Dexter is building a good size fan club.
After two weeks of round the clock care Dexie lost his appetite and lost what little weight he had gained. He was admitted to Verg (Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group) in Brooklyn on Wednesday November 31, under the care of Dr. Dennis Slade. Because he was emaciated and losing weight rapidly he would be staying at Verg until he was stabilized.
Dr. Slade has been extremely active in caring for Dexter, but since his weight is so low it will take some time and a lot of tests. Dog Habitat made a down payment of $2680 to Verg Hospital for all the tests and treatments that are scheduled. Dexter received IV fluids, his kennel cough is being treated, blood-work and an ultrasound have been ordered. Most importantly he’s getting a lot of love and attention from the amazing team at Verg. The care he’s receiving at Verg is aiding in his quick recovery.
Verg’s Emergency Specialist Katie Grzyb called Thursday morning ( Dec. 1) to inform Bea and Dog Habitat that Dexter ate well that morning, and Katie also added, that she too has fallen in love with Dexter.
Dog Habitat received another phone call later that night with very good news: Dexter’s blood work came back better than expected! Dr. Slade will be starting him on B-12 treatments which will aid in getting his appetite strong; we’re sure he’s missing his burgers and turkey treats. We’re looking forward to getting him back with Dog Habitat and his foster family to prepare a big plate of his favorites.
On Friday December 2, Bea received a phone call from Verg that Dexter would be released later in the day. He will receive out-patient treatment from Verg. Dr. Slade and his team are determined to get to the bottom of Dexter’s health issues and give him the care he needs, but the best place for Dexter is to be in the loving and cozy environment with his foster family, on his heated blanket, and enjoying this season’s Christmas beef-roast.
We’re estimating Dexter is between four and five years old and is a Chihuahua mix. He has long slender legs that remind you of a little fawn. We believe Dexter once had a good home because he loves and trusts people so much. He’s housebroken and very well behaved in his foster home.
The New York streets are a rough place for anyone and have been especially hard on Dexter. He seems to be a little depressed and mentally worn out. Who can blame him? Despite his emotional state there is a shining light in his heart that he shares with everyone he meets. After a few minutes with Dexter you can’t help but have hope.

As of today, December 2, Dexter’s vet treatment has cost nearly $4000 and counting. Dexter’s life is worth every penny. Bea and the amazing people at Dog Habitat need your help.
Please consider making a donation to aid in Dexter’s recovery. The Dog Habitat rescues and finds permanent homes for hundreds of dogs a year. Sometimes you run across an extra special dog that needs some extra special care. Let’s make it possible by giving this special case the treatment and care he needs.
Bea, Dog Habitat and Dexter’s fan club thank you in advance for your kind donations. Thank you for giving Dexter the chance for a permanent home that every dog deserves.