How to Adopt

At the heart of it all is the big question……who is the right match for you?

Dog Habitat Rescue Adoption Application

Dog Habitat Cat Adoption Form

Dog Habitat Rescue goes through great lengths to make sure our rescues find the perfect home for their specific needs.

When applying for one of our animals you will be asked to complete our adoption application and send us a paragraph or two about what a week in the life of your new adoptee would be. Once we have reviewed your application Dog Habitat will contact you to conduct a home visit.

If all goes well and we feel that our rescue and you are a good match we will ask you to foster for the period of 1 week. At the end of that week you will return to Unleash Brooklyn with our rescue and we will conduct the final interview. At the conclusion of the interview we will decide whether or not to make adoption final. If it is finalized there is a small donation which varies from dog to dog.

It is important to remember that even when the adoption process is completed Dog Habitat Rescue requires you to keep us updated on living address changes, updated phone records and in the event you are unable to care for our rescue at anytime throughout its life he/she is to be returned to us.

Nutrition is a key roll in our rehabilitation process and the continued healthy life of our rescues. We do have strict guidelines as to what type of food is acceptable for you to feed our rescues and will follow up down the road to make sure it is followed.

If you are not sure adopting is for you or would like to give one of our animals a temporary home please complete our foster application. You can complete it here.