North Brooklyn Kills the “Quick Kill Bill”


Dear Friends,

Brooklyn does it again! We are very happy to write that the chair of NYS codes committee, Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, will not report the “Quick Kill Bill” for a vote.

Here is a note from him regarding NYS Bill A5449A
“On Wednesday, February 15th, the NYS Assembly Committee on Agriculture reported this bill to the NYS Assembly Codes Committee.  I am the Chairperson of the Codes Committee.  I have received many calls and messages from individuals opposed to this legislation.

I am not a sponsor of this bill and have not had any part in its drafting. Those who have voiced their opposition against this bill have raised legitimate questions and I, too, am concerned. Therefore, I do not intend to report this  legislation at this time. I believe a great deal more study and work must be done on this issue before legislation can be moved to the floor. ”

Joseph Lentol represents District 50 in the New York State Assembly, which comprises Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Fort Greene.  (We are lucky!)

Joe Lentol has always been a true animal lover. Many of you know his work helping local dog runs, rescue organizations and even participating every year at the Dog Halloween Parade.

Dog Habitat Rescue is extremely honored to have Joe Lentol as a friend.

Bill A5449A is not completely out of the table, it is important that we continue our fight. We encourage you to write to Assemblyman Joe Lentol and support his decision to not report the Bill for vote and to support CAARA instead. (CAARA was written by Assemblyman Micah Kellner, who like many of you adopted his beloved dog from Dog Habitat Rescue)

Below are Joe’s facebook pages:!/joelentol

Have a great night and thank you!

Read the Official Release Here